"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

today, you say?

what did I do today? well. I wasn't going to post at all. I like to post daily.. but it is becoming increasingly difficult to be entertaining.. and then I think well, who am I blogging for myself or others... the usual dilemma we all have..

the day was a glorious day .. one of those days where you can feel autumn.. a breeze blowing, enough to dry the clothes. bees buzzing lazily, gathering the last of the pollen ..

my friend Laraine called in with her 3 grandchildren and their 3 new chickens. they were so excited that they wanted to show me

I had a pedicure and foot spa in Katoomba at the Yindi day spa.. I sat and looked out the window at the most gorgeous view in the world while my feet were pampered

so, you see, not much happening around here.. a very boring post. [nary a photo]
[one thing I do know though and that is I really need to re-connect with the Seasons.. I am so out of whack.. the past 6mths or so, I have neglected my wise woman & the Wheel.. (dealing with life circumstances and all of that)].. coming up to Samhain at the end of April.. a good time to begin again.. sometimes I feel like I am on a see-saw.


Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

I thought of you the other day, I haven't visited your blog for a long time and wondered how you were. Couldn't remember your blog name, all I could think of was the lovely lady from the Blue Mountains. Tonight I am at my husband's computer and discovered I had saved you to favourites on there.

I'm so glad to hear that your tests are clear, looking forward to reading more and reconnecting.

Yindi looks wonderful, I've been looking for a reason to visit Katoomba and definitely could do with a pedicure and foot spa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robyn,
My days seem to run together. Sometimes a whole month goes by and I hardly realize it.
I am *trying* to be more aware of the Seasons, I love all the different Sabbats. It will be Beltane here soon, this year I would love to have a Maypole.
I love your everyday posts.

Diva Kreszl said...

oh sweetie you don't have to be entertaining, although you really are, we just enjoy visiting you. It's like sitting over a cup of tea and just sharing a bit before we head off on our daily routines :)

mxtodis123 said...

You've had a lot going on in your life...your health, new home. And, the changing of the seasons. Here we are entering a time of new beginnings and you are preparing for the restful period of winter. I love the spring and the autumn. I can deal with the winter, but wait until you hear me in the heat of summer. Oh gosh! It's not easy living in a concrete jungle.

Annie said...

We are all on a see-saw Robyn. That's what seasons are for. LOL

I woke up this morning (spring birds noisy at my window) and knew, just KNEW, that today was my day to write. I'm visiting around right now but soon I'll clean up, start my day, and land at my beloved Houses of Java and spend many hours there just writing. And of course, it will all end up right here later.

Janet said...

Everyone needs a quiet day once in awhile. The spa looks beautiful in the photos....I love all the murals and paintings on the walls.

Autumn breezes, friends stopping by, and some time at the spa....I'd say you had a pretty good day!

Imogen said...

It is magical each time I read of the seasons where you are, and remember how the wheel of the year is pulling all over the world, turning us all in our diferent places.

Here we are approaching Beltane and the myrobalans are flowering, and daffodils and Glory of the Snow and Anemone nemorosa are all out at once owing to the late spring. Yet I know that if you have myrobalans you will be just about ready to harvest them and make jam!...

I loved your post about jam-making, too. Made me feel bad that I did none at all last autumn, though. But my mum kept me supplied with yummy stuff including her prize apricot and walnut chutney and a blackberry and apple jam that is like nectar of the gods... Funnily enough her best jam book is one published by the Australian Women's Weekly!

spirit said...

Hi Robyn... I Just wondered how the feet in hot water went...did it help with your night sweats ? if so i'll be trying it too.( Haha I have visions of us both with our feet in our bowls ,but who cares if it works lol ) x

Fire Byrd said...

and the opposite was true here. A beautiful warm sunny day. The afternoon was spent sitting in the sun reading a book... bliss
and the forecast for the weekend is looking good.

Anonymous said...

I think I might be on the other end of that see saw with you Robyn :-)

Anyway, your day sounds blissful, I've just been blogging about how Autumnal it is here today too. I love this time of year.