"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a day spent with Jack

school holiday time here in Woodford..Jack my grandson came for the day.. and we did something fun, of his choosing . . .a trip into the valley via the Scenic Railway.

it all started here.. at the top of the stairs where Jack wanted his photo taken with the 3 white cockatoos that were feeding with the beautiful 3 Sisters behind him ~ we walked down the steps to board the carriage where Jack decided that he really didn't want to go through the tunnel into the dark. I promised him that i would hold his hand and used a reward of something at the shop if he was brave..

so we boarded the train, making sure we didn't get the front seat and off we went.. accompanied by Indiana Jones music and a multitude of tourists..

[he tried ever so hard to look brave]

arriving at the bottom we walked the short 10 mins to the other ride back up the mountain.. through ancient rainforests.

stopping every so often to look at the wise old trees and hoping to spot a native animal

[or even a lyrebird if you are very lucky]

and the promise of what will we have?

Jack chose a pie and I thought the chicken wraps looked tempting... how very wrong I was. one bite into the chicken revealed a mouthful of fat. so it was promptly wrapped up and thrown into the bin.. I drank my soy tea in a paper cup.. amidst the legions of tourists and school children. oh how i hate those kind of places.. the things you do for your grandchildren!

but of course, no pies.. so what will it be? a sausage roll of course! which Jack ate with relish.. concentrating so very hard as he enjoyed every single mouthful.


Holly said...

I love your day with Jack. And, it reminds me to be more like a child right now...more going with the flow and not allowing previous knowledge, experiences, or expectation to color the meal in front of me.

Yeah, right now, I need to remember to be more like Jack.

Beatnheart said...

Sorry I've been so lapsed!! With the warmer weather comes different priorities...You look like you have some great outings there in Oz...Someday...yes my big dream...Did I tell you I have good friends there..In Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast not sure of the town...someday. and then you and I can have tea if your not to far...Yes!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a delightful day out! {even if the food was not ;) }

Thanks for taking me along as well, through your beautiful pictures. :D

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A special day with your grandson! Too bad about the chicken wrap!

gemma said...

Jack is precious. Sounds wonderful to be amidst the beauty and wildlife of Katoomba. I know you enjoy every moment you have with your darling grandsons...even putting up with the crowds.

Pam said...

There are a lot of Aussie guys, big and little, that enjoy a good pie or sausage roll on a day out, though the big guys usually have a carton of iced coffe close at hand.Lovely pics Robyn - not much of the South Australian school holidays left now, just a couple of days. Lovely to see Jack having such a great time!

laoi gaul~williams said...

what a grand day!

ohh tourists! having been brought up in an ancient forest there has always been tourists here from easter until early october.its great for the economy of the forest but i oh so wish they would go away (taking their rubbish with them!) and stay away!

Janet said...

Jack is such a cutie! I love his brave face.

linda may said...

What a cutie. Despite the food you got it was all worth it for that cute little guy and the photo memories you got.