"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 26 April 2010

collecting butterflies

today we jumped on the back of the Harley and went south, for a ride.. to a little town on the seaside called Berry.

met up with friends, Carol & Rob who had ridden down to meet us.

[Carol, isn't she beautiful? she has the most divine brilliant blue eyes]
Carol is 10yrs older than me and is becoming a fast friend..another butterfly in my life. a wise woman.
[Susun Weed advises that a woman going through menopause should have female friends who are older, whom you want to grow up to be, who don't take hormones..Daisy was another and funnily enough the last thing she sent me before she died was a butterfly mobile.. she obviously knew I would be needing it]

[butterfly woman from Daisy's blog]

Carol and I wandered through the crystal shops.. I was looking for a lepidolite pendant. the crystals really affected my energies.. I needed something to eat, to ground myself. so lunch it was along with a glass of champagne [found out that was not a good idea for menopause, brings on hot flushes].. after lunch we went to another shop to try on a moonstone ring.. and the first one I tried on fitted perfectly! Plus they had a gorgeous lepidolite pendant... it was like I was led there by persons unseen.

the shop owner and I began to talk and our words got around to menopause [as it often does these days.. when others notice me fanning myself furiously].. and she told me that she had gone to see Amma,the Hugging Saint and that she had been sitting fanning herself furiously just like was and throwing off her clothes.. an old indian lady leaned across to her, didn't say a word and sprayed rose water on the inside of her elbows and proceeded to pour about a quarter of a cup of the water over her head.. she said it cooled her down immediately.. and she said that the indian woman had given her the bottle and it goes everywhere with her now.. [more butterflies in the guise of wise advice from women]... it seems that I am being helped alot in this kind of way.. and I like it. I like that I am accepting the wise ways of the ancestors.. hard as it is with these symptoms.. it kind of makes me feel like I am connected to a very big web of wise women.. YOU included

[tomorrow, I do believe we will be getting the key to Villa Maria.. finally it will be ours!]


mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day. I'd love to go to a crystal shop. A few years back, we had so much here in the city, but most of it is gone now. Keep active. Menopause, as bad as it is, is temporary.

Anonymous said...

Great news Robyn !!! I hope you can start making Villa Maria your home very soon.
I could use some of those wise women in my life at the moment too ; )
Have a great day !!!

Kathryn Knoll said...

I'd be careful of when you carried moonstone. It is pretty powerful at certain times of the month for women. It varies with the woman. It can really intensify the craziness you feel. Just pay attention to this if you are wearing moonstone or carrying it....

Anonymous said...

I love butterflies, whenever I see one I think of my Mom.
I have often thought if I get another tattoo it would be a butterfly.
I use a little bottle of rosewater all the time to cool off the hot flashes. I'll have to try it on the inside of my elbows. If I'm at home sometimes I run to the sink and stick my wrists under cold running water.
Hope your day is wonderful.

Fire Byrd said...

Funnily enough at work today hot flushes came up and a friend/colleague just said you mean Power surges.... I thought that was a great description.
BTW know I'm being useless in writing when i said I would, but I'm so tired at the moment its almost more than enough reading blogs. So please forgive me and know i as soon as I have a brain cell available I'll write!

amelia said...

That will be a lot of work to take care of two places!!
I'm sure you're up to the task though although I know I couldn't do it!!

Crystalrainbow said...

Sounds like you had a great day and met some wise old butterflies :) keep on futtering xx

Beatnheart said...

Symptoms of menopause do seem to vary greatly...I've had hot flashes for about 6 years now...If you want to call that temporary...I call it impossible!! I talked to an older woman and she said she still has them and she was in her 70"s...don''t want to be a downer but I'm sure you would rather have some honesty. My symptoms have lessened but still a fan by my bed even in winter..and not so many during the day...Good luck sweetie, we are all in this together.

Janet said...

I had forgotten about rosewater. My brain doesn't always work like it should!!

You had a fun day out collecting butterflies....sometimes you find just the right person at just the right time and learn just what you need to keep going.

Tinker said...

Just had a discussion earlier today, comparing women's bodies with butterflies - only from a slightly different angle, since the discussion was with my daughter, who's expecting...I like your analogy for menopause too.