"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

the other St. Joe

no, not this St. Joe the other one.. the one who helps to sell your home [see dutch husbands curly hair? that is natural]

yes, St. Joseph. Marys husband.. patron saint of carpenters. My Joe is a carpenter. funny that. and even more co-incidental is that the Feast Day of St. Joseph is on March 19 - dutch husbands and my anniversary. apparently you can call on St. Joseph to help with the selling of your home.
I think i must find a statue or similar of St.Joseph, bury it in my garden [they say bury the statue head first.. not sure about that]..and pray for a quick and easy sale of Inglewood.. I am ready to move, but I am trying to hold the horses of my thoughts and not let them gallop away...otherwise I end up living in no mans land of time that hasn't yet happened.

today we had a journalist come to our home to walk through it with us and gather information to write a story for the sale of our home.
as we walked through with her, memories came flooding back.. all the hard work and love we have put into Inglewood... but I felt good about leaving 'our Inglewood'... I felt like she is ready to let us go and willing to invite another lucky family into her folds and make them love Earth like she has helped me... yes, being in this garden has helped me find my true connection to the soil...

and another treasure from Inglewood:

this time, I am giving away some linen. not antique but certainly vintage. there is an apron from the 1950's, a tea cloth, a tablecloth. both pink. and an old crocheted jug cover which is a quite stained but clean. I think it has a swan pattern crocheted in.. and a real treasure with original glass beads.. let me know in a comment if you would like to own it and I will put you in the draw. like I said, these treasures are worth not much, but they are treasures nonetheless

I think I have a name for our new home. yes!.. more about that tomorrow.... and I think a new blog when we eventually move...


Tracy said...

I would love the vintage linens! Please enterme in the drawing.

I was wondering if you were going to start a new blog once you moved. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
I would love to join in the draw. I hope it isn't a problem that I live in The Netherlands ???
I love all things vintage, aprons and pink is one of my favourite colours ; )
Have a great day !!!

Fire Byrd said...

Right that's it I'll get praying on March 19th! Funnily enough on one of our walks we go to a little shrine way up in the hills to St Joeseph. And we always stop there for a moments reflection.
And my friend who is Catholic lights a candle. We were there last Wednesday.
Please don't include me in the lovely giveaway I'm trying to get rid of stuff, not very well it has to be said.


Diva Kreszl said...

I have friends who have had great success with the statue of St. Joseph, hope it works for you as well. I can well understand all the emotions that will come from leaving Inglewood, as we have been in our home for 20 years and built it up from nothing. I know it will be sad to leave someday but I am nearing the time when I shall want to downsize. I shall find my peace in that I lovingly took care of our home and helped it grow into a sanctuary that with shelter another family someday. I have a special love for vintage linens and would be most happy to give yours a new home!

mxtodis123 said...

I'm anxious to hear the name, but I'll wait until you are ready. When are you planning to move? What an exciting time for you. I know now I will never 'own' and have accepted it. It's just far too expensive here.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've read too that you have to bury St. Joseph upside down. And also that, once the house is sold, you should dig him up and put him in a place of honour in your new home.

Serena said...

Great info on St. Joseph....I'd never heard of him helping people to sell their homes.

The vintage linens are lovely!