"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

one hundred angels

today we signed the contracts to our new home.. today, I had lunch with dutch husband. today I wore my tee shirt back to front with out realizing it.

Today I stocked up on herbal teas to make infusions ~ oatstraw, red clover, nettle, lemon balm and sage.. hopefully one of them will work. today I burned lavender oil because apparently it is good for the dizziness that goes hand in hand with menopause. hard as it is I am actually enjoying this challenge of menopause.. it is like I am getting to know myself all over again.

now. what to name this new home? ... to tell the truth, I did have a name picked out for the other home.. and following below is that story..[this was written a week ago when we were buying the other house.. ]

[an Angel in the shape of my Nan ~ an altered photo of her 'by Moi' when she was a little girl]
At first it was going to be named BRAMOSOLE.. from one of my favourite books – 'Under the Tuscan Sun'
but as I was re reading the book, a new name came to my attention Cento Angelis – which means 100 Angels..

[a pottery Angel that I bought at some art markets in Sydney, hanging from some pink vintage ribbon]

I told dutch husband that I needed a sign from God. The day that our offer was accepted, a package arrived in the mail.. and it was my Lady of Fatima statue that I had ordered weeks ago.

[St Rita, I believe.. with an Angel.. one of my many vintage catholic icons]

early the next morning I was chatting to dutch husband about the sign from god, and we got talking about when we had moved into this house, Inglewood. It was the month of May, the month of Mary. And coincidentally we will be settling on our new home in the same month – May, the month of Mary. And Mary is accompanied by angels, I believe..

so that is my sign. Our new home is to be called Cento Angelis...

[an angel hanging over one of the many doors at Inglewood, showering blessings on all who enter or leave]

and of course as synchronicity has a way of working.. there was a comment on my facebook to cinch the deal, which in part said 'Creator has placed so many angels around you....'

but like I said, this Cento Angelis was not meant to be.. it does not suit this home we have actually bought.. I am wondering if the Cento Angelis that I read was actually a sign from God that I have 100 Angels surrounding me in the guise of my blogging friends.. all praying and thinking of me? I do believe that is so.

so what to call this new home? I have an idea but need a sign.
[and then of course, there is the matter of the blog.. do I start a new one for the new chapter I am about to walk.. or change the name here? [what do you think?] many decisions!]


Imogen said...

It will come clear to you in its own good time...And I'm sure your sign will come, too.

Apparently one of the characteristics of lucky people is that they are more aware of signs, random chances, coincidences and synchronicities, and training oneself to be more aware of these can improve one's luck. So good luck!

Thinking of you with hope abd faith.

mxtodis123 said...

Congratulations on your new home. I know how much this meant to you. I'm sure you will come up with a fantastic name.

laoi gaul~williams said...

i love lemon balm~i have plenty in my garden in the summer and loving making a nice tea with it...enjoy :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know it is a sign of Good Luck to inadvertently wear clothing inside out, so it must be the same for wearing a tee shirt back to front! Cento Angelus is such a beautiful name. You'll find the perfect one for your new place!

A bird in the hand said...

Cento angeli! Yes. A fitting name. In Italian, angeli is the plural -- no "s" at the end. Just a little proofreading for you, I hope you don't mind.


Janet said...

I'm sure you must have at least 100 angels from blogland all surrounding you and sending you their prayers and included.

I'm never any good at coming up with names so I will leave that to you but I know you'll think of the perfect one. I'm so happy for you and dutch husband! I know you'll enjoy many wonderful years in your new home.

Robert said...

Hi...I enjoyed your blog.I like the old romantic things you seem to enjoy and have a friend who likes the old clothes so will pass it on to them. My daughter is a jeweller who makes jewellery from recycled gold etc. Maybe you will find something interesting in my blog
as I write about history, dressing up and tulips....well anything really. I lived in Parkes NSW but eny the mountains.
Thanks again for your blog....I will visit again if that is OK

Kathryn Knoll said...

I think you should carry Inglewood over to the new home. Inglewood II. Or Inglewood east (or whatever direction you moved from the present Inglewood.) Isn't Ingle, somehow related to angels? It also is related to the word hearth and you always make your home your hearth where the all important fire of the goddess burns. As far as the true number of angels that surround you...How many angels can dance on the head of a pin, anyway? I think the number is limitless!:)

Tina said...

You’ll know it when you have the right name – it isn’t common over here that houses have names but I knew that MY home had to have a name (even if it is only a terrace house/row house), as lots of French houses have, where I have passed many weeks of holidays during my life, mostly at the sea and I had always loved that houses had names.
We thought of many names for our home, made lists, but I immediately knew it when I had “the right one”.
With the blog it is you who has to decide, you could definitely rename it, but I think you could also start a new one, with a clearly visible link to the old one, as that new home will have the same “rights” as the old one. I’d say if you rename this blog you should still keep Inglewood in the name and then add something connecting to the new home…
Does that make sense?