"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

collecting, packing, giving away & an assortment of names

I am a collector. of stuff. i have a passion for collecting bits of anything really. over the years, I have collected wooden spoons, rolling pins, mixing bowls. I have gathered bits from op-shops, flea markets, antique shops and even bought things over seas on my travels. I have been known to collect sugar bowls, buttons, baskets. And of course religious relics & icons. And now i have to pack them all up.. and move house.. a smaller house in fact and this is wherein the problem lies.
I have too much stuff. and I want most of it to go to other people who will love it just like I do.
for this reason I have given away sea grass chairs & french wire potato baskets instead of selling them. Because I can choose the owner.. I can tell if someone will cherish the bits just like I have..

to mark the packing and moving from Inglewood, over the next weeks, I have decided to give little bits away here, to my blogging friends. to celebrate these 10 yrs living here at Inglewood and also the journey of Inglewood via the blog..
I have so many vintage treasures that I would love to share. I have vintage aprons, tea cloths, a jar of buttons.. and other such stuff.. all junk to most.. but each a treasure to me.. and I hope to you also!

so keep your eyes open!

the first one is a cute little vintage jug and saucer from a childs old tea set. it is only a tiny 4 inches high. let me know if you would like to have a chance at owning it.

then to the names for our new home: there are a few so far that have come to mind.. but still nothing solid.. here are the first few in my notebook:

SANCTUAIRE - French for sanctuary ~ which I hope to create in the new home & garden

LISIEUX - the birth place of St.Therese (she is my Saint of choic and the one who is with me always)

LA PETITE FLEUR - French for the little flower ~ St Therese was also known as the little flower.. and I hope to have many of them in my garden.

what do you think of these names?


laoi gaul~williams said...

SANCTUAIRE...this sounds perfect for you robyn :)

and i would be honoured to give a home to any of your cherished items :)

Carol H said...

Wow Robyn, I just received a Prayer Healing card from my sister-in-law from the Society of The Little Flower.I know she has been a long time devotee of St. Therese, through prayers and devotion she has been helped over the years.In one of the phrases they say,"May Little Therese of the child Jesus be your example of faith and confidence that God's loving touch will heal you and give you new life." You are starting a new life in your new home." I vote for La Petite Fleur. Hugs,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They're all nice, but I would favour Lisieux simply because it sounds so beautiful rolling off the tongue!

Diva Kreszl said...

oh how sweet of you to share your goodies! I would love to own one of your precious treasures! as for the name to your new home, I love 'Le Petit Fleur' !!!

Imogen said...

My two-pennorth, for what its worth: "La Petite Fleur" would certainly fit given your affinity with flowers and plants. "Sanctuaire" is lovely, and a good sentiment to hold about one's home. "Lisieux" may lead to odd conversations with the people who can't pronounce it and the other people who can't spell it...

mxtodis123 said...

I do like Sanctuarie. That is what a home is supposed to be...your safety net away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Tracy said...

I think all of the names are lovely, though I am favoring the last one. Can't wait to you announce your pick! :)

Janet said...

What a sweet gesture! I'm sure your little jug and saucer will find the perfect home.

Of all the names I like SANCTUAIRE the best....probably because I think of my home as a sanctuary.

gemma said...

~Little flower is a precious name. ~100 angels is beautiful.
~Sanctuaire and ~Lisieux
both very nice.
When you know the name of your new home it will be exactly right.
Sending good wishes.

Tina said...

What a great idea to give things away to people who love them, it would be an honour to me too to give a home to some of your loved things – we had to throw away things when we moved because we didn’t find anyone who wanted them. So sad.
I like all the names you came up with so far, been to Lisieux in my teenage years, but don’t remember anything of the town, lovely region though it is in, Normandie, known for their apples and the products they make with them – like cider and calvados. But what I like most is La Petite Fleur… But you will know what is right for your new home!
We named our house “Kerbihan” as in the old language of Britanny (with celtic roots) that we love so much (both the region and the language). Ker means home (the French doesn’t have a proper word for that, just for house) and bihan is small. So we live in our little home… And we even had a sign with name and number made to hang next to the door.

amelia said...

Does the name have to be French? Is there a reason?