"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

an ordinary day

buckwheat crackers
and one cucumber picked just this minute from my garden
cracked pepper and celtic sea salt

summer roses [also from my garden] ~ a whole bunch. perfumed by the angels.

afternoon tea in Springwood, yet another little village in the mountains. this time I had chai latte made on soy.

for dinner. pasta. go out to the garden and see what you can find. beans & basil ready to pick. some garlic hanging in the pantry. leftover ham and an onion. chopped roughly and thrown in some hot olive oil.. put the pasta on to boil as the vegetable mix cooks, drain pasta. put back onto the stove and quickly stir the vegies through. serve with, salt and cracked pepper and a shave of fresh parmesan.

tonight, centering prayer.where I sit. silently, with God.

I tell you. this posting each day is really stretching my story imagination. I am enjoying making stories from my ordinary day. I see more of my day, I notice alot more.. what did you do on your ordinary day?


Winterwood said...

I use Cornish sea salt - swear it tastes better than the ordinary kind! we had home made cabbage rolls for tea, and yes it was just another ordinary day here too!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't pick anything fresh from a garden, that's for sure -- ours is buried under 2 feet of snow! How lovely to make a meal of things you've grown yourself!

amelia said...

Your lunch sure looks good! How do you eat the avocado? I've never really enjoyed them except in guacamole with a ton of garlic!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Why do you do that to yourself? A lofty goal, a post per day, but this is not how the energy of life flows. Post when you want and need to not when you must because of an unsustainable rule you made for yourself. We all love your posts, but you should not put this kind of pressure on yourself. What's the point? Give yourself permission to skip days. You are not a slave to the Internet, you are an awesome Goddess of Life.

Annie said...

Hi Robyn,

The thing I learned about creativity long ago is that if you don't exercise it, you will lose it. It was when I did The Artist's Way a few years ago that I discovered that consistent effort lead to a higher degree of creativity.

Like any muscle, it needs to be worked to strengthen. I'm cheering you on for working at it, focusing on the ordinary and finding the extraordinary in everyday things.

I have four more months till retirement and that is when I will be turning to Julie Cameron again and delve into her "Vein of Gold" and "Walking in the World" books. Just as you are finding structure in your garden and the little things around you, Julie provides me with a jumping off place for flexing my creative muscles.

Linda said...

You made your ordinary day sound so lovely♥ It must be wonderful to walk around your garden and pick ingredients for lunch and dinner. My ordinary day was just that, very ordinary indeed.

Pam said...

My day was far from ordinary dear one..there are days when there are lessons to be learnt.Ordinary days can be a blessing in disguise...and what I got out of my day was that the health of ourselves and others is paramount.Continue to look after yours dearest Robyn,and continue to find delight in the ordinary. xxxx

Moncha said...

Hi Robyn, just dropping by to say hi !!!
I'm still around in blogland, although I don't post as often.
Congratulations with your son. Such a sweet baby back then ; )
I hope you have a wonderful day !!!

Angela said...

I come here and see your lovely pictures, read your lovely stories and imagine strolling your garden with you. Happy Birthday to Caine!

Janet said...

Yum....the pasta sounds delicious. After reading this post I'm hungry!!

Serena said...

I've been catching up with your daily posts, Robyn, and I've been enjoying every one ~