"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 22 January 2010

precious life

sometimes, you can be sitting there completely absorbed in your own little world & one thing happens that makes you stop and realize how your own problems pale into insignificance

we stress & worry about 'getting' cancer.. fear eating away at us... the word just sends shivers up most of our collective spines.... as if cancer is the worst thing that can happen to us

but cancer is most times curable.

Motor Neurone is not.. we heard yesterday along the community grapevine that someone we know (the wife of a golf buddy of dutch husband) has just been diagnosed with this dreadful disease... and while I don't know her very well, my heart goes out to her and her family.. it has certainly bought home to me, just how very lucky I am that I had cancer and how important community is... when things like this happen.. people cook, help out in anyway they can and pray for the family affected... I love it.

how precious every single moment of life is.. I want to grab it with two hands and run.. and i pray that I become a 'better' person for the life that i have, every single moment. the sad, the happy and the in-between.... cancer was a gift, in hindsight


Jeanne said...

Love and hugs
Love you

A bird in the hand said...

Great post, Robyn.
Blessings to you.

Fire Byrd said...

I can only nod my head in agreement here Robyn. It has changed me for the better, and I get far more out of life than ever I did before cancer.
And your right there are many really horrible illnesses to get that make having cancer a very small deal in terms of life affect.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Life is so very precious !!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't know if this is proper post or not.
I often wonder if they treat cancer even right. It seem like I keep hearing more and more cases of it.
Sure life is a blessing. Mostly the simple things such as a good chuckle.

Coffee is on.

Ruth said...

You don't need to be better. You are fine just as you are dear Robyn. Just enjoy it.