"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

a little road trip..

my son Caine and his two boys Thomas & Jack

today dutch husband & I leave to go visit my son.. he has moved to the state of Victoria which is about a 10hr drive for us. Caine, my son, has moved away to heal from the grief of his marriage breakdown.. and I hope and pray with a mother's heart that he will be ok.. I read this comment on Corey's blog & I loved it so much, I had to note it down: "when our children grow up, we need to release them to live their own lives and follow their dreams. Just send them off with lots of love and your blessings"

his boys will stay with their mother, just around the corner from us... and I pray they will be ok.. their dad will be 10hrs away...this situation is not one of our choosing, but it is where life has taken us at the moment.. and we just have to go along with it... like Jonah did in the whale


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a difficult situation for everyone -- but hopefully the new reality will turn out fine too.

amelia said...

I thought I was bad having two of my kids a five hour drive!
How sad for Caine's children. Are they OK with not seeing him or does he see them a fair bit? Do you see them?
It must just break your heart..

Pam said...

Safe journey dearest Robyn.Such beautiful family pics you have shared. I can see the family similarities! Belated birthday wishes, with love.

Pam said...

...Robyn my comment flew, and hadn't really finished adding New Year wishes for your son to be able to navigate through this difficult time. It is wonderful that you and Dutch husband can be there for

Genie Sea said...

I'm sorry to hear about Caine's situation. It's a very difficult one indeed for everyone involved, and requires a lot of time and patience to adapt. At least, they are near you and you can keep contact for them.

Hugs Robyn. Best of luck to all of you.

Annie said...

Dearest Robyn, I'm glad to have seen this update on Caine. He has been in my thoughts. I hope his choice is a short-term one. His boys need him. I hope the little ones will see a lot of their grandparents.


p.s. I like your new banner.

Ruth said...

Welcome back Robyn - Happy Birthday for the other day, and Happy New year. I hope your trip is a good one and that you all come through this somehow. Sending lots of love, Ruth

Holly said...

Safe travels there and back again.

Miss R, I stop by after my travels to wish you a year to come full of moments of marvel and joy.

Reiki blessings on all.

Peace to your Son, laughter to you and those you love.

Your Friend,

amelia said...

I just have to add that you and your son look like twins!! I don't think I've ever seen a mother and son look so alike!!

gemma said...

What handsome young men you have in your family. I want to give them all hugs! They look so familiar to I might know them.
Have a good trip. One day soon Caine will heal and look back on these days
as an important part of his growth.
Love to you all.

Serena said...

That's gotta be a tough choice for Caine but, if he needs to get away to heal, then so be it. I hope he remains in touch with his kids and I wish you all the very best in healing and dealing with the situation, Robyn ~ xo

Imogen said...

What a trio of nice-looking men-folk! i hope things start to work a bit more smoothly for your son and grandsons in this new year. And that distance does not prove as great a barrier as one fears it might.