"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

the past few days in my life & a little look at a World Heritage area, where I live.

I made beef and vegetable soup on the weekend.. being lucky enough to be able to add some celery and parsley from my own garden..
It has been quite cold in Woodford the past few days.. although, my friend Marion says the garden isn't showing it..there are things blooming right now that shouldn't be..

striped woollen tights keep my legs warm in winter! I love colour
dutch husband and I went on a ride on Sunday.. it was cold in the morning and I was wondering if I was insane going out on the bike.. but lots of warm clothing and off we went.. lunch at a local pub then back home.

yesterday after I finished my housework, I took myself off for a walk. To a place that is called Olympian Rock.. have no idea why and I wish I knew the Aboriginal name for it.

when I started my walk, I looked out over the trees and this is what greeted me

starting off down the bush track
most walks in the mountains are along tracks like this.. some are fenced because they go along the cliff edge.

and down quite a few stairs..
walking past lots of native shrubs and bushes that are alive with the native birds, all enjoying the sunshine and nectar from blossoms.. our native plants bloom nearly all year round.. they are hardy to cope with the extreme cold and winds that gush up from the valley below.

this land is full of wisdom. You can hear the heart beat of Gaia

when I sit in places like this, the desire to travel to Cornwall disappears. this is home... someone said recently that Earths wisdom runs close to the surface in Cornwall.. it is the same here.. there is an ancient wisdom that seeps into my soul.. I absorb it and I love it.

on the left in the rock wall, I saw the face of the Goddess, carved by Mother Nature in her turbulent times.. wind and rain

I sat in a yoga pose, absorbing healing energy from Earth. feeling the deep wisdom that is part of this land.. 'seeing' my Aboriginal guide with me

pictures just do not describe how this place feels. a deep deep wisdom seeps from the rocks. a still-ness and an aura hang in the air.. not even the sound of distant voices or a plane flying over disrupts this aura.. a bird flys way below in the valley... at one with Gaia. Just like I wish to feel. I want to feel as if I am one.. I Know that I am, but I want to feel that I am. That will come.

my anger has gone.. writing my story and voicing my feelings has helped me tremendously, there are still more words to come.. but I feel that I have turned a corner. I am beginning to replace anger with acceptance. I can't change what happened, so I grow with it. As I heal, the longing to travel to Cornwall is diminishing too.. I don't have the urgency to go to Cornwall to connect with the ancestors.. they are with me wherever i am. I know that now. I feel that Laura is happy that I am making peace with all that has happened.. as I make my peace, I also help her make hers.

as I walked back, the flowers were bright.. encouraging me on my way... I love my home. I am part of this wild, wise ancient land.


Sorrow said...

Your home, your photo's are splendid!
It was wonderful to read the warmth and wisdom in your words. They make my heart smile. You are an angel of earth..
sweet and fey.

Kavindra said...

I don't really have a comment, just wanted to say I have a smile on my face for you and the peace you are finding/making for yourself.

Holly said...

Miss R!

What a beautiful part of the world to call home! And isn't it truly a blessing when you begin to identify that you are 'home'?

I am so very happy for makes me glad to be walking this with you.

Bright Blessings on being home!

Grammy said...

I an so glad to hear you are receiving the gift of peace and contentment. Thew are awesome blessings. Which lead to joy and happiness. You have such beauty at your door step. And you are so right are ancestors are with us when we call upon them.
Be blessed my friend.

Wendy said...

Love your photos. They radiate peace. Love your coloured socks or leggings too. I always dress in colourful clothes. It feels better - more good energy somehow.

You live in a lovely country. And we are all one.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Angry is a powerful tool and it can take a hold of you and make you disabled or even crippled in your own life.
I believe if trouble heart a comes upon one self it best to set your self in now.

Your garden is beautiful. I to have celery and parsley.

Coffee is on.

Imogen said...

This is a magical posting that lifts my heart. Blessed be!

And what stunning pictures, too...


Rose said...

Home is where the heart is. I suspect the cold and perpetual damp would get to you here after a while... Australia is the oldest landmass there is. Things exist there that have been long lost everywhere else. How could it not be a magic land? I have a book I might try and find, see if it is still there, re-read, and then send to you...

Mel said...

Not much left for me to say...except that I'm so glad that you are finding your peace....I truly radiates from your words...

I've always thought of Australia as being one of the Ancient Places...I'm glad that you're feeling that energy now....

~brightest blessings, Dear One~

mountainmama said...

you have a lovely blog. your creativity and self-healing are so inspiring. thank you for sharing your journey~

Sylvia said...

I love your Home too. Beautiful photos; they talk to us indeed. Your land has good spirits for sure!
I liked the expression and the idea - things blooming where they shouldn't be!

Fire Byrd said...

No wonder you connect to this place it is beautiful and awesome.
It would be a shame if you didn't come to Cornwall though.... I'd like to meet you!

gemma said...

The mountains have a way of putting alot of things in perspective. Totally understand and agree we are part of this wild, wise ancient land.

Gina E. said...

Hey Robyn, long time no see! I am so sorry we didn't get to meet you when you were riding around Victoria, but we have had our own issues to deal with all this year, starting from mid Jan. when my 96 year old MIL came to live with us because she was too frail to live on her own any more. So that took a lot of time and effort to organise, but two months later when everything was settling down, she had a fall and was sent to aged care accom. to live out the rest of her life!
I've been reading the last six months of your blog, and am glad you seem to be coming to terms with your life now. You are so lucky to be living in the Blue Mountains - has to be some of the most beautiful scenery in Oz!
We are going up to Marysville on Sunday, for the first time since the Fires...Everything is still like a moonscape, although Mother Nature has started greening the landscape with ferns and new growth on the trees.
This is far too long - sorry!

linda may said...

Beautiful post Robyn. You live in a magical part of the world full of natural beauty. Thanks for sharing you self and your pictures.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

So pleased to hear you are finding peace within yourself. Absolutely breathtaking photographs. I have never been to the Blue Mountains (yet) how lucky you are to live in such a gorgeous environment. Take good care dear Robyn. Linda xoxo P.S. I just love your socks!