"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 1 December 2008

oh my ! it's that time again !! .....and what has been happening at Inglewood while I have been on sabbatical

yes! December 1st and the portal to Faery Land is open.... only for the month of December.. so follow this link and be whisked away to a land of Mystery & Magick ----->the portal to the Enchanted Forest

ahh the Onion, like a Health Spa for the soul.. journeying through the month of November with many, many wise & inspirational women... discovering a little more about my Soul self & finding that I am a wise women, a wild one at that!

you see, I now have tattoo.. yes, last week I went and had my tattoo done - on the top of my arm.. I chose a Celtic tree of life to honour my Cornish ancestry... the tattoo artist asked if I was Irish - so I then proceeded to say 'no.. not all celtic people are Irish..' then I named all the Celtic countries so that she was informed... I walked into the tattoo parlour quaking in my boots ('cept they were Converse) - felt like a real baby.. hell, the past 10 years I have had more needles than my vintage pincushion and here i am being afraid of a tattoo needle?

the baby sparrows have hatched out and are now being taught to fly by Mum & Dad Sparrow (I wonder if they are related to Capt. Jack??).... it is so funny. If they see me anywhere near, the freeze and stop chirping.. trying to pretend they are not there.. then when they think I am not watching, mum jumps on the baby's back, flaps her wings wildly and then allows baby to fly by herself.. they are so sweet.

the blackbird continues to visit me, sitting in the apple tree singing away!! Daisy is letting me know that life is wonderful, all we need to do is sing and be grateful that we are alive...and not worry about anything that we cannot change

I have started to feel a strong connection to Australia - finding my roots and planning on somekind of ritual that I can take to a Sacred space and connect.... I struggle with this... as many of you know. But last week, I had a dream that i am to make a medicine bag.. i even was instructed on how to do this - using leaves & different dirt and stones to decorate.. then when I am walking, I will find what I am to put into it.. this will be part of my connection to Australia.

My garden is struggling - the weather is very, very odd. A few weekends ago, we had snow. The beginning of summer and it snows. No wonder my beans and cucumbers are struggling. But that is gardening. You can never predict the weather...

Christmas coming up but as most of you know - I struggle with this too... so even though we will celebrate Christmas, I am going to put a Midsummer slant on of course I must! It's good to be back at Inglewood.. I feel so fresh and sparkly.

and in the words of one of my favourite wise women:

{from Daisy's blog}


Pam said...

Yay! You're back! Following your journey with great interest.The dreams are powerful aren't they. They come in their own time.As we all know, it's something you can't force, just ask for, and they often change our lives.Tickled pink to see you'd left a comment on Textilosophy- I think we are in for good times ahead, and any learning curves are good. Gentle or steep, I'm up for it, as long as there's a bit of respite in-between.You continue to be an inspiration and I love the beautiful fairy visuals that you display.Happy December Robyn!

Anonymous said...

Oh so glad to hear you finally got that tat. You must show us a picture of it. Love Hugs and Blessings

peppylady said...

It always time to enjoy life.

The weather here is odd. I would compare it to foggy ole England.
I can see snow peck covered mountain when the clouds are away.

I also learn a lot too over at soul coaching. I need to give my self permission it ok to question one own self. It use to get me upset but it the other side of a pancake.

Coffee is on.

Genie Sea said...

You sound so fresh and sparkly! Midsummer is a magical time! Even Shakespeare wrote about it :)

Oh! A tattoo! Pic! Pic! :)

Glad you;re doing great! :) Hugs!

Naturegirl said...

Well hello Robyn..
sorry about the absence from your inspirational blog.
Today you are sparkling with energy and wise words..I shall take these away with me..."not worry about anything that we cannot change" there has been much worry at my end so I will take your advise!

Sacred Suzie said...

It's been a fantastic journey Robyn, I feel a little hungover from it!

I'm glad the tattoo experience wasn't too horrific and what a wonderful choice for a tattoo, I love the tree of life.

The birds are keeping you company, so lovely. We are getting weird weather too. Giant snowstorms and now it's 13C and it's raining and the wind is howling. This place is so weird.

I am glad that you're feeling more at home despite the challenges.

Ruth said...

It's gone very cold here and everyone is wondering if we're going to get a white Christmas this year

amelia said...

Tattoo pics????

Wendy said...

Glad you're back. YOu do sound refreshed! Am looking forward to riding on the back of the bird to faerie land!
Do show us a pic of your tat.

Serena said...

How cool that you got a tattoo! I have been planning to get one in March though it may be earlier. The Tree of Life sounds like the perfect choice for you. I'm still making up my mind what I want to get for my tattoo. :)

Kathryn Knoll said...

How time does fly! It is Christmas in summer again for you. That always blows me away. You are awesome. I take so much comfort witnessing your growthful journey.Hugs...Sr.K

intothedawn said...

Hi Miss R! Turtleheart here! Thanks for keeping in contact after the end of Soul Coaching, I was so happy to hear from you.

I have 2 other blogs where you can find me-- both are open blogs. Turtleheart Cove is my day-to-day blog:

and Into the Dawn is my craft/art blog:

Let's keep in touch!

CONGRATS on getting your tattoo! I got my first tattoo at age 36-- a sea turtle with a Celtic knotwork crescent moon on its shell. You simply MUST post pictures of yours, can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Robyn.

There's something on my blog for you if you have the time.

solsticedreamer said...

welcome back my lovely! i too had my tattoo, my second triskele representing the three realms as in the tree with its roots in the otherworld, its trunk in this, middle world and the branches in the sky.

glad to see you are sounding settled and happy and working your path