"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 7 August 2008


according to this website today is the true moment for Imbolc 2008..... archaeoastronomy

I haven't been religiously following the sabbats this year... oh I have been aware of the changing seasons and the traditional dates of sabbats & cross quarter days but lately, I haven't been feeling the urgent need to do what my ancestors did on these days.... I have been trying to fit some kind of ritual into my own life...still remembering the past but trying to live in the present.
So Imbolc - over the past few years, I have gathered information into my own Book of Shadows, reading those notes last night: "It is traditional to light many candles for this Festival, to encourage the Sun to shine brighter and the Earth to throw off the cold of the winter months. A time when we each light our own light, and become uniquely ourselves......" I like that.... becoming uniquely myself.. reading Something More, a book by Sarah Ban Breathnach.. this is the exact same thing that I have been reading, to be uniquely myself.. something that I admit i do struggle with.. but lately my wild woman, my authentic self has been peeking her head out! And I feel good about it!!
"Yellow flowers for the altar along with some little nature trinkets..." well today I am cleaning my kitchen and dining area so after I finish, i will pick some of the yellow chamomile that is flowering and put it into my favourite vintage cream bottle...One traditional practice on Brighid’s day was to put baked goods out on the doorstep. They were called cakes for the queen of heaven - a cake for the weekend sounds good and I have my gorgeous little poppet from last year - my Brighid doll that I will place on my altar along with the yellow flowers....
"Meditate upon what you would like to see grow in health and strength this year: for yourself, your family, your community, the Earth, and ask for Bride's blessing upon your prayers".."Cleanse your heart of old anger"... I will do all of this later today when I do my card reading for this time..I know I have a little anger to cleanse myself of and this seems a perfect time.
but the most amazing thing is:'wear brilliant red - red jewellery or red ribbons' - the past few days, when i have been going out into the cold.. I have been choosing a brilliant red scarf to wear.. one that I bought in Vietnam... just picking it up and wrapping it round my neck, feeling quite comforted and settled as I did... was that some deep soul remembrance... just knowing what to do? i think it may be my ancient wild woman's wisdom and knowing....

here in Woodford, I guess spring maybe on its way. Yesterday we were supposed to get snow but it turned to heavy, wet, thick sleet... so no snow sledding for me...

But there is still a chilling icy feel to the air.. one that seeps into my bones so it seems i am cold from the inside out... I bought myself some ginger tea yesterday, to warm myself. I just cannot seem to get warm. Oh I know, it is not cold compared to some but really.. this is a different cold to what we are use to.. a chilling friend Avis is suffering from the dreaded bug that is around at this time of year so yesterday I took her a little basket... some cough lozenges, a jar of Vicks vapour-rub, a small packet of aloe vera tissues, a small bar of organic chocolate and a big hug... I felt like Mrs March out of Little Women... I love doing things like this for people.. I love to see their gasp of delight when someone thinks of them, I love to see their eyes sparkle when they feel special but above all I love to see that look in their eyes when they feel loved ...


Julie said...

When you're cold, you're cold! It doesn't matter what someone else tells you you should be feeling.

I love thinking about you in your bright red scarf. I am glad you are feeling so settled and serene. Yes, serene, that's the word.

peppylady said...

I don't know what it is put I feel tired and warn from work that at this time I'm lack spiritual anything...My work at home is of the flesh to survive.

I do get a chance to do my morning prayer and that is about it.

Have a wonderful Imbolc

Bimbimbie said...

Dear Robyn your hands may be cold but your heart is warmer than warm x *!*

Ruth said...

It sounds as if your Imbolc weather is being very similar to what we usually get here on the coast of Cumbria - kind of damp and wet. Brrrr!!!

Kathryn Knoll said...

As always, you have a cozy little offering for us to enjoy. I have heard the phrase Cakes for the Queen of heaven. I am sure you have made many in your day in other incarnations. You may even have invented the custom the first time around. Ever thought of that? Hugs, Sr. K

Amanda said...

For some reason it still shocks me to read that some people are looking forward to te end of winter right now... however much I know the seasons are opposite on the othe side of the world to me I still forget sometimes and it's a jolt to remember!!

Wishing you a very happy imbolc and much love from your friends - just like the love you took with you to your sick friend the other day!

smilnsigh said...

It is always so interesting to read of the different Hemisphere... You are cold while I am hot. Or at least, variations on that theme.

But you do seem to be very cold right now and I wish you warmth.

What a precious ending to your entry... Feeling like Mrs. March, bringing a basket of cheer. Very, very sweet of you. And a very, very sweet entry.

And especially since I feel the coming of the change of Seasons here, as well... I should read up more on this. For the Northern Hemisphere, that is.

I love to pay attention to the Change Of The Seasons. In our modern world, so few seem to do so. Well, how would I know... Perhaps many more do, than I am aware of, even in my own area. But anyway, I want to, myself. Thank you for reminding me.

And I do wish you warmth.... Wish I could send you a warm/humid breeze from up my way. :-)

Gentle hugs,
'Miss' Mari-Nanci

Annie said...

Hi Robyn,

I'm back from vacation and have been scrambling to catch up with all my friends. This post is lovely. I enjoyed reading of the various traditions and especially enjoyed the description of your likening yourself to Mrs Marsh. Little Women is just the best and is a great example for women even in our modern age.

willow said...

I'm tiring of the 90 degree temps here in the midwest. I bit of bone chill sounds lovely about now.

I like "cleanse your heart of old anger" and the wearing of brilliant red!

kim said...

Such lovely deeds never go unnoticed! You are a true friend. Hugs!

A bird in the hand said...

It's odd to read about winter in the middle of August and heat, but I loved reading this post, as usual. (Red is such a Christmas colour, including Santa's outfit -- now I know where it comes from).

Stay warm. I find ginger tea warming, I make it myself with chopped ginger and fresh lemons.

Love, C.

Caitlin said...

Imbolc blessings Robyn!

Funny you mention the scarf, all winter I've been wearing a beautiful silver and black pashmina that my mother-in-law gave me and suddenly on Thursday I went to put it on and changed my mind and went and got a lovely red one I have that has celtic knots all over it. Now I know why!!

I've been drinking lemon and ginger tea, it's so warming and and soothing on my throat (I have the flu).

Hope you're staying warm.

Pam said...

Robyn it is hailing again here in South Australia,some snow must be coming your way after this!Keep warm in your bright red scarf!

Bollinger Byrd said...

OOh I'd love to have you as a neighbour with that sort of thoughtfulness. All I've got is them gossiping about me or my son!