"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 18 August 2008

a bit of this and a bit of that....

brrr it is cold here today in Woodford... Jack Frost visited last night and my grass was blanketed in white this morning.. my poor toes feel frozen even with my warm slippers on..
The Gypsy Caravan was as delightful as ever... very windy and cold but I did manage to go for a long walk along the beach... Joe and I were walking along, talking about stuff, lost in our own thoughts.... and a huge wave surprised us washing up to our knees.. we laughed alot as we walked along.... you know, he truly is my best friend.

Over the weekend, I realized that I am to learn tolerance.... new neighbours moved in next door to our caravan.... there is a something about them that I don't like, they frighten me a little.. they aren't at all friendly when you say hello and avoid eye contact... it just unsettles my soul to have them so near me...... I won't go into it here for fear of being run out of blogging land.... but I know in my soul that I am to learn tolerance with this....I woke early on Saturday morning - 4am to be exact knowing i had to smudge the caravan and buy some crystals to grid it... so I went off to a local market to buy my crystals... found four perfect double terminated smoky quart pieces and the woman gave me a bag of white sage to smudge with... Sunday i woke yet again at 4am, went for a walk in the cold, chilly early morning and the Moon was at her fullest! A glowing red ring was around the Moon and the stars surrounded Her, twinkling like ladies in waiting.... I felt blessed to have been called out at that time to see it... that afternoon, I walked around the caravan smudging and blessing and chanting protection words...I programmed the crystals and placed them at the corners of my van... they will build up a protective grid for me.. and then I placed angels at each corner of my van.... anyone seeing me would think I was a total weirdo.. but well... I don't really have to explain to those who understand

next bit: in the past and even just recently I have been given some awards for my blog... and I am truly grateful.... I don't display them on my blog because I forget to do it... so please, if any of you have given me one previously, please don't be offended that it is not here... I have just forgotten... I must tie a piece of string around my finger !!!

next we have me-me's...... I love doing these!! but for some reason, I come across as not enjoying them... once again, if I have been tagged, please don't think I don't want to do them, I really do... I just forget & if you want to tag me please do...... must go looking for my memory sometime soon....

lastly... I have a friend who is celebrating a birthday today..... I contacted her after Daisy died and she has become a close friend... so happy birthday dear


peppylady said...

Welcome home and wasn't that moon something.
I sure hope it was as big an beautiful as I saw it.

Isn't it wonderful when we discovery something about our self.
I post something over at my blog that I learn about my self, full moon.

The coffee is always on and your welcome any time.

It hit a 100 degrees here, not sure what that would be in metric.

Wendy said...

Hey - it's sunday night here in Canada. It looks funny to be reading a post from monday!
I hope your smudging works. Maybe your neighbours are just shy? Not sure they will fit in?
It's summer here and yet, our mornings and evenings are cooling off, signaling that fall is just around the corner.
Blessed Be

Sacred Suzie said...

What an interesting time you had away, I love the sound of walking along the beach in winter. I miss that. It's so wild.

Sorry to hear about the disappointing neighbours, if you have a bad feeling honour it Robyn. It must be telling you something.

Caitlin said...

It sounds as though you've done the right thing Robyn, always best to follow those instincts.

Nicole said...

The 'wave' story got me.. it was so beautiful to imagine Robyn. That's how I feel about my Christopher.
I hope you have a gloriously exciting week.
xox Nicole

Kathryn Knoll said...

While you are at the protection business, would you join me? What I am working on at the moment is the U.S. and anything surrounding the election process. Specifically surround both candidates and shield them from harm. Also any large cities. As you bless and protect them ask that all be well for the good of the whole world. For some reason, I feel called to be attentive to the greater picture for the sake of the whole world. Your post reminded me that we are being invited all the time to give our blessing and intent for good to places and people around us. You are a very powerful being and those 4 a.m. wake up calls tell me that. Blessings, Sr.K

A bird in the hand said...

I believe in following your instincts :-)
I had a long look at the full moon; what fascinated me is that it's light flooded the lake completedly and it looked magical.


AwtemNymf said...

It's still warm in my neck of woods. But Fall is coming. You can feel it at nights!
I hope your neighbors open up a little more! Good for you for protecting your surroundings! You can never be too safe!
*sending protection vibes too*

kim said...

Trust your instincts. I was just watching a show on this and 9 times out of 10, your instincts are correct.

linda may said...

About your weekend, Makes you wonder doesn't it.They must have been city people scared to look at anyone in the face. Or feeling guilty about something. I find that in Sydney and Melbourne.
Nice to hear you leave presents out for the birdies. It conjures up images of baby birds wearing red woolly jumpers. Cute.

Tracy said...

Sorry you don't have good neighbors at the Gypsy Caravan. You are wise to follow your intuition.

Krissie said...

thanks for letting us know about Annie's birthday! going over there to send her wishes!

Ruth said...

That moon walk sounds reeally powerful and magical

tinker said...

Glad you had some time to recharge your batteries, there by the sea, Robyn. Your smudging, crystals and angels, sound like wonderful protection. I hope the new neighbors are just shy, and that protection won't be needed, though.
The full moon was beautiful here - though I wish I could have seen it while walking on a beach - that sounds lovely!
I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday to Annie!
Stay warm, my friend~XOXO

Fire Byrd said...

Glad you found ways to protect yourself, and as you well know you need to take notice of your intuiation (SP!) in these matters.
Hope your tootsies warm up soon!

Gemma said...

It's good to look into peoples eyes when they talk. If they don't make eye contact,it makes
me think they are shifty or something.
Hope you are keeping warm.

Bimbimbie said...

What is it with some people who can't acknowledge others and return a friendly smile? A simple smile doesn't mean you want to be joined at the hip with them for goodness sake ... follow your instincts Robyn, their loss.

Yes, the moon was beautiful this weekend, I like the power of windy winter weather when standing at the edge of the sea, makes you feel alive, Thank you for your birthday wish ...I'm so glad you introduced yourself and we are friends.
Smiles *!*

Rapunzel said...

I completely understand the smudging, the angels, the whole thing. *nodding*

The moon was indeed gorgeous this month...just breathtaking! I, too, often rise at 4 am, have heard that in addition to midnight it has been referred to as the "witching hour." Interesting, huh? ;-)

Pam said...

Was doing some smudging myself on the weekend Robyn. For some of us its an instinctual thing.A smudge and sweep never goes astray!

Patty said...

I always love reading about your adventures.
I don't usually camp in the winter, but it does sound relaxing even if you had unfriendly neighbors.

Lady Laurie said...

Glad you are back, but sorry to hear about the new neighbors.

It was such a beautiful full moon ~ actually I like it best early in the morn when its still a bit dark and there she is ~ just lovely!

Annie said...

Wow, we call those sleeper waves over here. They are very dangerous and have been responsible for more than a few deaths along the norther California coast. We even post warning signs for them. Must admit, whenever I have seen one of those signs, it sort of freaks me out.

smilnsigh said...

-sigh- Soon enough, Jack Frost will have left your area and come to visit in mine.

Oh heavens, not another fear of being run out of blogging land or the like. Come now, it's our blog and.. Ahhh yes, I know. I know. Better to be ... what's the word, circumspect?

Anyway, where is it written that we have to feel comfy, with everyone?!?

And what about our 'gut feelings'? Can't we pay attention to them?

OK, if we really pay attention and then there is really nothing to be wary of, then I suppose we 'should' revise our thinking on a topic. But, I do believe in listening to our gut feelings. Listen. Look. Discover. Then make the final decision. IMHO, that is.

But please, do you mean that you have new neighbors where you park your Caravan, when you go to the beach? Or do you mean you have new neighbors, where you park your Caravan, when you are at home? I didn't fully understand that. Me=dense. :-))))

Ohhhhhh, you saw it when; "the Moon was at her fullest! A glowing red ring was around the Moon and the stars surrounded Her, twinkling like ladies in waiting...." Oh wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! I love the mind picture this paints.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog