"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 18 July 2008

another one gone...

On Wednesday, another elderly resident from my area was buried. Let's call her Edna. I wasn't her best friend, nor did I visit her home... but I knew her. I knew her from the street stalls that she manned while selling cakes and lamingtons to raise money for the Lantern Club. I knew her from booths at the gates of open gardens. Gardens that are opened by their owners to raise money for the deaf and blind children.... I knew her from other charity functions that i have been invited to over the years. She was 83 years old.. and an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) For service to children with hearing and visual impairments through the Blue Mountains Lantern Club. . She was of an era where you knuckled down and just got on with life. where you cooked comfort food for the family.. soups and stews... where a cup of tea fixed most problems. Where the church was 'enough'...... and as I read her funeral notice, I wondered what has changed.... many people of my age are spiritually lost, we search and search for something... I know I do. I cannot even put my finger on what it is that I search for ... oh yes.. my inner wild woman.. my authentic self.. I search for meaning.... I wonder if Edna ever searched as I do.... or is it something of my generation. I am sure in my grandma's day they didn't have time to think about the meaning of life.. they had bread to make and cows to milk... my ancestors in Cornwall had lots more to do than sit under the moon pondering ......Do we have too much time on our hands? I don't know and I guess I never will but Edna's death has got me thinking maybe I 'should' look at doing some volunteer work. Instead of trying to find the meaning of life.. or a purpose.... maybe I should get out and DO. oh and I know the word 'should' is a no-no according to the likes of Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue, but I ask you.. what other word can be used?
Just lately I have been re-reading Simple Abundance and this book 'should' be a must for all women... the simple things in life that make you appreciate just what you do have.... so I potter, I pick daphne to put in vases around my home, I grow some of my own vegies, I own chickens..... and all the while, hoping that when I do pass to the other side that someone just like me, will remember me, just like i have Edna.

(Harry is home! he is much better and in a month will undergo some tests to see why he got the infection.. thanks so much for the prayers and comfort.. xo)


kim said...

I'm sorry about your friend. And I am ecstatic about Harry!

smilnsigh said...

83 years. It sounds as if 'Edna' had a long life. I hope she was well, for as long as possible.

Wise of you, to take this as a reason to ponder. We don't know why certain things prompt us to ponder, but when the desire comes, I think it wise to listen... and act on it. I alway like to listen to "me" as it were... to listen to {not classy sounding but...} my gut instinct.

Betcha' an earlier generation did not have as much time as we do, to 'search.' Which I suppose, could have both its pluses and its minuses. And we just happen to be here, in our age...

If you have a feeling about doing volunteer work, than it seems that to look into it, would be well for you. Seek out what seems to 'speak to you.' Not necessarily jumping into one thing or the other... But taking time to seek out, the best for you. Seems you'd do the best, with what 'calls' to you, the most. Maybe...

I had volunteering periods in my life. Right now, does not seem to be one of them. But we each are different. And we each, are different ourselves, at different time of our life.

I'm sorry but I don't know who Harry is. But I'm glad that there is good news, of and for him.

Early Full Moon wishes, to you... Here we call it The Full Thunder Moon. The name the Native American Indians gave it. Because July here was notorious for big booms of thunder and storms.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

Sorrow said...

My yaya used to tell me that God (Yahweh) always filled up the souls of those who do for others, that when your heart is full of loving and giving, doubt and loneliness can't come to call.
Wild wise woman I would say...

peppylady said...

I haven't real figure out the meaning of life but I think we have one physical life and spiritual life I know there will be anther one and where we spent it I don't know.

Sorry to heat about Harry I'll say a prayer for Harry and his family.

Gill said...

Sometimes giving a little of our time freely to others is all that is really needed in order to help them a lot. There is no point in doing anything resentfully, but if we do it with love and because we want to, then everyone benefits. Instead of saying 'should' you can say 'could' or 'can'and make a free choice about what you want to do and when you want to do it.'I can help because I want to' sounds much less dutiful and passive than 'I should help.' I once read a quote somewhere that said 'everyone has rights as well as duties' and I think that is something that women often forget beacuse we are often so busy caring for others.
Glad to hear that Harry is on the mend.

Kim said...

So glad to hear that Harry is home and recovering. Lots of love to you all.

Kim x

Monique said...

I missed the post on Harry, but I am so very glad he's doing OK. Sick babies are so scary, you would rather have it yourself !!

So sorry about your neighbour. I understand what you mean. I am always searching too and I think it is something of our generation. My parents aren't religious and are not searching at all. They were brought up as Catholic and Protestant, so they broke with the church after they had problems with their getting married.
I was brought up without any religion and I had the choise to pick my own religion, but I'm still not sure, so I know what you mean !!!!

Pam said...

I think dear Robyn the most telling line is "maybe I should get out and DO". You didn't say I am busting to get out and do. I want, more than anything to get out and do". Do what you are busting to do (or save up for it).I think that's what the soul strains towards, but we leash it back with shoulds.Love and hugs.

Caroline said...

Glad to hear Harry is recovering.

(Sorry I've not been around much - I've not disappeared off the planet just off the computer for a bit... hope to be back in another week or so)

Pear tree cottage! said...

Edna will be watching and thinking what is all the fuss "I believed" she would say! and I am here now in "this better place" and I am happy!! We go through life doing the best we can and enjoying "the moment", we should not be thinking how we can change the moment or make it is what it is and we will be the very best we can in "that moment!" so Dear Edna's passing is nothing more then that moment before she steps into the next life and how wonderful that is, I am sure..........Hello Miss R how "WONDERFUL" to have you visit me. I have missed you and blogging as well but feel as if I am ready to catch up with the world now so you will see me lots "checking out your ponders and your days.

Harry sounds a gem! blessings to him and to you too.

In the spirit of this very moment...Lee-ann

Gemma said...

Though out time people have pondered the meaning of life. Some settle on one way to believe and have faith in that. I am a seeker like you. My belief is there are many paths to a meaningful sense of the natural world.We should explore and have fun finding as many paths as we can! Just enjoy the process it's very spiritual.
~ So glad Harry is better. Please put a sweet little kiss on his cheek from me.

tinker said...

I worry sometimes about how we all take the "Edna's" of the world for granted - all those dependable ladies that run the committees, raise the money, etc - and I think you could be right - we might be the first generation of women to have the luxury of wondering what our true purpose is...I suppose I should stop worrying and wondering myself, and just go do something - but what? lol
Though it's sad to hear that such a charitable friend of yours has passed on, I'm so glad to hear that Harry's feeling much better!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Just let the great Light that is within you shine out to all who are looking for hope and calm in these chaotic times and you will be remembered and blessed for the good you do. This is a message for all of us to heed. We are the hope our world is seeking. We are the ones to make a difference! Shine forth for all the world to enjoy, like dear Edna!

Anonymous said...

We dearly need the Elders today. It's sad that they are passing.
Community, that's one thing they had that we seem to be missing today. The gatherings and socials, the storytelling.
Or maybe it is just all changing. We are becoming the Elders and we are forming our own long distance communities, such as Blogging.
Hmmm. Food for thought.
I'm so glad Harry is doing well, and I will light a candle for the loss of "Edna.", Thank-you, Blessed Be, Kel
As always

Monique said...

Hi Robyn, I've got something for you, please visit my site !!!

linda may said...

Give Harry an extra hug from me.
After reading you post today I was reminded about one of my personal mottos. One I have not always been diligent in following up on. "Get up! Get out! Get on with it!
I always thought that was a good one.I wonder if your Edna followed that one.
Also another one "In helping others we help ourselves"
Love Linda.

Amy said...

I'm so glad Harry is on the mend! You know, I always feel sad when and elderly person passes away - I just feel that they have so much knowledge to pass on and I love hearing their life stories.

Sacred Suzie said...

There are so many loses and frightening situations going on right now. I personally am overwhelmed and can't stop crying. Although hearing about Harry gives me hope and relief.

Moonroot said...

What a lovely and thoughtful post.

So glad to hear Harry is on the mend!

judie said...

Hey Robyn. Haven't been blogging so didn't know Harry was ill. Sending healing vibes. Love you. xoxoxo

A bird in the hand said...

Those ladies of that era could be so, how shall I put it? they knew their path, or so it seemed. If they struggled inwardly, you never saw it. They just got on with their life. My aunt who was only a few years older was like that. I don't know how they did it. We seem to be the generation that probes and questions and wants to know -- and sometimes I think it's because the world has changed so much and we can get lost.