"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

connecting - the autumn part of my self

I woke early this morning, wondering why I didn't have alot to say here on my blog. Then I realized that my body is going through the autumn... settling down in readiness for winter. I felt a very real connection with Mother Earth - the Goddess. This connection started a few weeks back. Remember when I mentioned Mary Magdalene and how I felt her presence? well, I am sure my settled-ess, my satisfied feeling, my contented-ness is due in part, a big part, to her. I am part of the Mary Magdalene clan, part of her tribe, I am sure of it. My great-grandmother Laura, my cornish connection is also a Magdalene. I just know it...... and since 'discovering' this, I am feeling so much more settled. It is like my search has settled, the jigsaw is nearly complete. And I feel wonderful. I am content...... still wondering why the hell I am here in Australia instead of my soul home... but as dear Sr.K says : "all will be revealed"

My garden is slowing down too.. a few weeks ago, I planted parsley and lettuce and both are thriving. I have been watering them with my comfrey tea and it is certainly working and making them look healthy. My persimmon tree is heavy with fruit and the birds are enjoying it at the moment. Last week, Rudy, an old german man came by and picked a basket.. he is wonderful to talk to. So full of knowledge. He told me a few old folklore rememdies and dropped off some of his notes for me to read. Yesterday, the currawongs were in the my garden and their calls were haunting ~
Listen to the Currawong ~ I love it !!! once I hear these birds, I know that it is truly autumn and my soul feels at peace. Maybe it harks back from my life in the UK - the cold and mist.. not sure but it makes a lot of sense to me..

I am going away for the weekend for a ride on the bike... up to Morpeth, in the Hunter Valley. My maternal great-grandmother was born there and I hope to find some information.. It should be a fun weekend, hopefully it will stay dry !!

so what is it now since I visited your blog? a week? or two?..... once I have been away on the bike & blown the cobwebs away ... I will be over to visit.... then I am sure it will be back to normal to my chatty self!


Pixie said...

I haven't been around either so hope things continue to be god for you my dear.
And I cheekily get to say Happy Birthday to myself early now I'm here!!!

Ruth said...

Wow - those currawongs are really haunting. I felt as if I `knew' their song when I heard it - maybe I have lived in Australia before? What do they look like? Do they only come in Autumn? And by the way does the name Binyin Hill mean anything to you (or to anyone else reading this)? The other night I dreamed that I had to go there - but I have no idea where it is.

solsticedreamer said...

oh robyn a lovely post as always and i can feel the peace that has fallen around you.
have a lovely trip away and bring us back some lovely photos :)


Pixiedust said...

Have a lovely weekend Miss R!

Kathryn Knoll said...

I love being introduced to new sounds of birds I have never heard before. Unless I lived some place that these birds lived, I would miss hearing their songs. There are many bird sounds that I associate with seasons of the year. Sometimes it is the same bird but they make different songs at different times of the year. Even if you didn't know the season by the calendar, the bird songs would tell you. I love the wonderful window of your world I find when I come here.It is so thoughtful of you to let us see and hear your world! Thank you for connecting all of us!

Julie said...

Hi, Robyn,

So sorry I haven't been commenting lately - but I have been reading. I love, love, love it that you are so centered right now. God, spirit, Wakan-Tanka, Goddess has blessed you after all your time seeking wisdom.

Just by reading you I have been able to "center" my restless soul just a bit.

I have "lifted" the beautiful autumn painting and will use it when we experience autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It is so lovely. I had never seen it before.

peppylady said...

I haven't been reading blogs lately either and first I would like to sent a warm greeting to your new grandson.

A few things here been peeking though and lawn is starting to green up.

I'm thinking about planting a few veggie but spring is comming around this year slowly.
Like I said in my blog today it was spitting snow yet nothing stuck to the ground.

Anonymous said...

It is going to take me quite awhile to 'catch up' with you. But the most glorious post that sticks out to me is the arrival of your full moon grandson. We both now have a Harry each. How fantastic. Congratulations my sweet friend. Much love to you, Nicole. xox

linda may said...

G'Day Robyn,
Just dropped by to see what you are up to.Enjoy your trip to the Hunter valley. Have a look at the grarens at Cessnock, not that far from Morpeth. My Dad was originally from Merriwa. Further inland from there.
My favourite season is spring but autumn is lovely too. The colours, the gentle weather, and promise of new life and it's awakening to come. The imagining of faeries snuggling down to rest together through the winter and shelter from the cold. Um! do they do that too?

winterwood said...

Missing you miss R...on theblog!!! I just checked to see about 10 mins ago and no one was here! lol... I checked the currawong sounds and it didint work, but I did find a site that did, and No.... I dont think we have currawongs here in the we???
kiss for the baby! and you have a lovely time on that trails to you both!!

Sacred Suzie said...

I think being in tune with Autumn is beautiful Robyn, you are transforming with the leaves and earth. This means you are spiritually healthy! Yay! Enjoy the transformation as I enjoy the spring flowers that are finally appearing here, I was losing hope but they have finally come.

You can put the dream board on your blog if you'd like or if you want me to post it on mine you can send it directly to me. I'm very open and easy going about this stuff but perhaps I should come up with a little structure for guidance, LOL.

Gemma said...

Love the birdsong Robyn....How beautiful that is. Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year. Happy you are finding connectedness and contentment. Hope your travels were peaceful. I send you my love!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Robyn I'm pleased to hear you are feeding those birds lol. This time of year is my favourite - there seems to be more going on with the birds then in Spring, well vocally. Probably singing so well because the chicks have grown and left home. I love hearing the currawongs towards the end of the day. Smiles *!*