"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Daisy with her wings & a special New Year Ritual for you

Yes, I am 50 now... overnight! do I feel any different? no. I thought I would wake up wise. I thought I may have woken up with the answer to my path... but no, I am still the same as yesterday.... maybe I am wise....anyhow, on with the rest of my life..... wherever it may take me.
I simply must tell you what happened this morning.. I went for an early morning walk to be with myself and as I was sitting putting my shoes on, a bird started to sing. It was such a sweet sound and the little bird sounded happy and joyful. I looked up into my ancient apple tree and there was the english blackbird... the very same one I am sure that came to me the day Daisy died. I sat and watched the bird for a few minutes and he sang his heart out... yes, Daisy was with me.. and she did have her wings on! it made me happy but kind of bittersweet... knowing that she is with me in spirit is wonderful, but oh, how I want to give her a hug in real life.
the portal to faery land is open! there are still a few email addresses that I need, so if you said you wanted to join in and haven't received the invite... please email me..

New Year's Ritual: Sweep, Smudge and blessing Jar
Sweep your main living area, entryway, or porch, to sweep out the old and allow the new to enter. Smudge around the room using a sweetgrass or sage smudging bundle and feather. Say prayers of your own choosing, in each of the four directions, east, west, north and south:
East represents "illuminocity", giving individuals the ability to see all that is around them from a spiritual perspective. West represents the inner heart and soul. North represents knowledge, wisdom and purification of the heart, mind and soul. South represents the physical self.

Say a prayer of thanksgiving, and ask your spirit guides for safety, security and direction for the coming year.
Make a blessing jar...
Into a vase, jar or bottle (which symbolizes protection) put
a small bag of soil (for abundance), a coin (for prosperity), a fabric bag of salt (for purification), a crystal (for vision), an arrowhead (for guidance), a tiny fabric bag of herbs (for grounding), a left over candle (for focus), a cross (for balance), a feather (for freedom), a clipping of hair from each family member (for unity), an old key (for opportunity), a small mirror (for truth), a piece of red paper (for memory), a small fabric bag of raw rice (for fertility), a ring (for love), a runestone (for communication), a shell (for choices), a small fabric bag of loose tea (for awareness), a small paper folded fan (for healing), a rubber band (for flexibility), a letter that contains this list and what you hope to accomplish this year, sealed inside an envelope (for happiness)
You need not have everything on this list, select what is important to you.
Seal the jar with the lid, or cover the bottle or vase with a piece of fabric and a rubberband or string. Place your blessing jar either just inside or outside your front door until next New Years Eve...
Feel free to share this, the more blessing jars, smudging and rituals performed around the world the stronger the positive energy is for all...


amelia said...

I am going to do absolutely everything on this list!!

solsticedreamer said...

oh thats lovely robyn, i shall be making one and sitting outside my front door.

and i say it again...

Gemma said...

Thank you for the blessing jar recipe&symbols.There are several I want to include...especially want to include the letter. So very happy you felt Daisy with you!
xx Happiest of Birthdays to you!

kim said...

i love this ritual and am excited to preform it!
i have my laptop from work at home)!

peppylady said...

What a neat blessing.

Your the first blog I read that it is 2008.
It still 2007 as I type this and 2008 won't be here for anther 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Carmen said...

Loe you dear sister!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Daisy was with you today on this special day. Love the idea of the blessing jar. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and New Years. Love Hugs and Blessings

Rowan said...

Happy Birthday Robyn, hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year too.

Leanne said...

a very very happy birthday and a wish for a wonderful new year from grey ansd wet Somerset, Robyn! I too will make a blessings jar. X

tinker said...

What a lovely, though poignant, blessing for your birthdy...
Wishing you everything wise and wonderful in this new year of you - happy birthday and happy new year, dear Robyn - may all your best wishes come true!~XOXOXO

Jeanne said...

I love this.
Blessings for a bright beautiful happy New Year 2008 and always.

Julie Marie said...

Daisy certainly did find wings so that she could be with you.

A very happy birthday to you, dear.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday !!! And a very happy and healthy 2008 !!!

kathyann said...

Happy Birthday Robyn( not sure of time diferences so i hope you get this on time).I absolutely love your Blessings jar and will get started on one today ,Thank you for telling us about it.
I hope you have a lovely birthday ans send you our love and hugs for a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year,ffom,Kathyann and the girls
ps,I sent you my e-mail address I hope you have received it !

Ruth said...

Did you know that in Celtic mythology the blackbird is Druid Dubh the Black Druid, who sings at the gateway to the Otherworld?

A bird in the hand said...

This is just wonderful. I'm going to do it. I hope it's flexible because the new year has already begun!!

Much love and abundance to you, sweet girl. xoxoxo

zUzU said...

Sweet Robyn =^..^=

You are an elusive butterfly, you are!
Just when I think I have found you and linked you firmly to my pages ... You float away on a rainbow, off onto another wonderful adventure ... And I am lost without you.

Imagine my delight to find you this morning having stopped by Miss Tracy's Enchanted Seaside!

.:: Hooray ::. I have missed you!

And, as it seems ...
Your birthday as well I have missed!


And the blessing jar sounds divine. I am already mentally gathering what I need to place inside and writing a letter. What a beautiful idea this jar is ... and I did not know that shells were for "choices" and am glad to find this out. I wonder if this is why I tend to gather them around me at times.

Alas, just so happy to have found you again.
Have an incredible weekend, Robyn!
Thinking of you as I make my blessing jar ...

=^..^= love, zU