"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Litha (midsummer) & Christmas all mixed into one.. Australian style

so, to blend two entirely different celebrations what do I do or more to the point what can I do to make my very own wheel of the year?... first of all some thoughts on what this time of year is to me.... it is a time of the violet of agapanthus blooms together with the red of Australian Christmas bush... the time of Australian Christmas bells blooming in our bushland.... it is the time of heat, the time of fresh tropical fruits.... pineapple, rockmelon, passionfruit, nectarines and peaches

(I am the little girl in the red 'cozzie' with my back to the camera)

the time of a summer fruit smell that instantly takes me back to Christmas in the backyard with Nanna and Pa... a time when we wore our cozzies as we unwrapped our presents.... it is a time when I struggle with a pine tree .. decorating it with gorgeous bits that just don't seem right, because they are covered in snow... it is a time when all I hear is Bing singing 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow'... when I know there is not a hope in hell that it will.. well not here anyhow.... it is a time of the gardenia in my garden, of salads and seafood, iced coffee and champagne (not together of course), frappes and iceblocks..... it is a time when I feel something stirring deep inside.... and I still cannot put my finger on it... it is a time when I want to light candles, a time when I want to hug everyone, a time that makes me cry... it is a time when fat men walk around in red santa suits, ringing bells and yelling 'ho, ho, ho' this all being done on hot days sometimes up to 40degrees celsius.... it is sitting out on my deck on christmas day.. eating a variety of fresh organic salads, seafood and the finest lamb... enjoying the moment, where somewhere deep in my soul memory.. I know that christmas time really should be in winter.... and it should really be called Yule.

stay tuned during December to see what I come up with for my very own celebration... could it be called Lithmas or chrislith?


Sacred Suzie said...

Lithmas! LOL, I love it! Lithmas, so cute.

That is so hard that there is such a strong displacement between the weather and the holiday for you Robyn. I am glad you're inventing your own take on it and love that picture of you! I love seeing your past like that.

Maithri said...

This is beautiful,

I'm not sure if Christmas time should be in winter,

For me its always been
blazing light,
the warmth
of the sun
on my back

The foaming lips of
the sparkling ocean
kissing the shore

Carols by
...and sunlight

For me
Christmas is a
summer season

a light of love season

In fact
I'm not
sure if gardenias
in the snow


Love and light to you and yours,


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh, you sweet thing! I feel for you. To me, Christmas is snow too. But what an amazing thing. To have sunny and blooms and all the gorgeous things with Christmas. I would love to try an Australian Christmas one year. What a treat that would be!
I love light, heat, sun, warmth...and after all, it is a celebration of light in a most good religious ceremonies are!
I miss you Robyn, sorry I have been away-just feeling BLAH.

peppylady said...

We as earthling can't do didly scatt about the weather.
I'm in far North of United States and I seen it 60 degree on Christmas day.

Nicole said...

Your description of Christmas Day sounds so familiar and I'm sure I could find a photo with the family sitting in the back yard with our cozzie's on, trying to keep cool from the Summer heat. Blessing for a wonderful festive season however you decide to celebrate it. Blessings, Nicole

judie said...

Hope you are feeling better by now Ms. Robyn. xoxoxoxoxo

Gemma said...

How fun to have picnics on Christmas....We have warm Christmases too and it's winter.
:-)sending love!!!

Naturegirl said...

Even a s a little girl you had a circle of love around you dear Robin.
If you want a white Christmas come by my place and I shall give you one.
I cannot wait to see what you are up to...I almost came to Australia one year for friend has a home there perhaps one year.
seasons greeting NG

Pixie said...

Christmas here is usually grey and overcast. And just occasionally snowy. But it is cold so our Santa's do look more the part.

Don't think I'd ever want to swap thar for a hot Christmas.

Julie Marie said...

I enjoyed this so very much. It is no wonder that you are confused. I would be too. But I did enjoy your childhood memories. That is what counts, right?

I hope you get it all sorted out, my dear.



Tinker said...

We have pretty warm Christmas' here, too, though probably not quite as warm as yours, since it is technically winter here - but we're just as likely for it to be in the 70's (F.), and the only snow, when CA does get any during the winter - is usually up in the mountains or at the north end of the state - and it always seemed rather odd to me as a kid to be singing about snow while wearing short sleeves. Though after I lived somewhere else for a bit where they did have really cold snowy winters, I decided warm winters were ok then, thanks, lol.
Though I still think it would be nice to have a little snow - at least on Christmas eve and Christmas day, lol - I guess I want it all!
I'm sure you'll find your own unique and wonderful way to celebrate Chrislith (I like that one - it makes me think of crystals :) in your part of the world~ love and hugs~

Bimbimbie said...

This time of year is always a mixed up time of year for me - I think this year marks a halfway in my life - half I've spent in Northern winter and half in Southern summer. When I've gone back to the North I've missed things here and when I'm here there's things I miss from there ... and if I'm not mixed up enough there's the whole religious aspect of the 25th I've had questions with that one since childhood Smiles *!*

Krissie said...

Robyn, I really enjoy looking at your old photos, they so remind me of a time in my childhood as we are roughly the same age. Realy nice memories, thanks.

Monique @ said...

Lithmas sounds great !!!
I hope you can find a right way to celebrate. Something that feels good for you !!!
I find it very hard to connect to my Pagan beliefs too, eventhough it is going to be Yule. You are so blown over with all things Christmassy, that you have to tag along, go with the flow so to say. We celebrate the coming of the light and that is something that is symbolized in our tree, but I must say I have advent candles and a little stable too, what can I say, I'm very eclectic ; ) My hubby comes from a Christian background so it's also for him. We combine a lot.