"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 3 September 2007

VINE tree lore

Coming to the 10th moon of celtic year, is Vine - Sept 2 to Sept 29. The Celtic name is ' MUIN' and the folk name is grape. Grapes are an herb of Jupiter and the Moon and Venus is the goddess of the Grape Vine. The bird connected to vine is the Tit-mouse and also the white swan. The gemstone is amethyst. A tree of joy, exhilaration and wraith. Parts to be used are - Berries, wood, leaves, juice, seeds.

In Celtic lore, the vine is honored as the strongest of plants, which can entwine other plants and bend them to its will.
Vine is sacred to the deities and is the symbol for sensuality and emotions. Vine is used to stimulate prophecy in the seers by permitting them to reach deep within their inner self with intuition acting as a guide. Intoxication though wine was thought to be the possession of the self by the indwelling spirit of the vine, so to drink the wine during ritual was to merge oneself with the spirit of the vine and thus with nature.
The seeds and leaves of the grapevine are astringent, and were used to stop hemorrhages and bleeding, when boiled with Barley-meal and made into a poultice, it was also used to cool the inflammation of wounds. Dried and powdered the leaves were used as a cure for dysentery in cattle.

During this month, magick associated with imagination, freedom of spirit, inspiration, poetry and imagery can be worked. Grape has applications in magick done for Faerie work and garden magick.
A recipe for Vine Moon Tea ~ good for use in Earth magic and overcoming difficulties):
1 part blackberry
1 part dandelion
splash of currant wine or Grape juice
pinch of hibiscus

Grapes can be used in many types of prosperity or money attraction spells. Grape leaves can be dried and carried in a small pouch or bag to act as evil-repellent
Vines traditionally carry fruit, the most famous of which is the grape, used to make wine, that magical elixir that's known for its ability to dissolve the boundaries between us, allows us to mingle more easily, and relax with others. You are a born socializer, with keen abilities to restore balance to unhappy or unfair situations. Your instinct makes you amazingly perceptive with regard to the motives of others, and your charm is irresistible. Trust this instinct, and form relationships that will last. Don't be afraid of spending time alone occasionally-sometimes our own company is the best

I am a day late with this months tree lore. I like the fact that I have some grapevine hanging over my door, I made this last autumn, not knowing that grape vine had protective properties - a past life memory, perhaps. I had a busy weekend - Saturday was spent in my garden and yesterday was Father's day. Joe and I went for a ride in the glorious springtime weather, having lunch at an old pub in Berrima, walking round holding hands looking at all the little shops. I bought some fabric to start my 'coming to the goddess age' quilt. Over the weekend, I made a huge bowl of fruit salad with all the gorgeous delicious fruit that is coming into season. On Saturday, Joe and I had lunch in my garden - crackers with cheese & tomato, fresh cracked pepper and celtic sea salt and a big bowl of fresh fruit salad and yoghurt - all eaten while we sat on our deck enjoying the chirping of our bird friends. As you know, it was the first 'official' day of spring time here in Australia, and while sitting outside, I noticed that the Magnolia has burst into bloom. It was a glorious sight to see - and I felt a shiver in my soul, a shiver of delight, to know that the faeries of this tree had given me a gift of spring magick! I have alot of photos to share of my garden and will do so in a day or two. Today I am spending the day doing some cleaning and hopefully a walk after lunch. don't forget to put your name into my magick hat for the faery gift, I will be drawing the name out tomorrow... and then a little giftie will be on its way - I think I will ask my magpies to deliver it!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Tracy said...

Lunch in the garden sounds simply divine!

altermyworld said...

Your lunch sounds divine, don't ya just love all the little birdie songs. I am constantly amazed by them.

Anonymous said...

Walking with your love and looking at all the shops sounds divine. I do so love Magnolias I have 2 in my yard. Love Hugs and Blessings

Garden girl said...

Robyn, glad you had such a lovely weeknd...after what happened to us last week with magpies, I'm not sure I am friends with them!! lol! I am quite scared of them at the mo - they are dive bombing us here in the garden! Must have a nest nearby or something.

Rowan said...

I'm glad you are carrying on the Celtic lore - I find it really interesting to read. Glad you had a good weekend, spring sunshine for you - the autumn sun getting lower in the sky for us:)

Jules said...

See i knew I was meant to fnd your blog,your garden sounds great and the name seems familiar.Mine is Brambly Cottage except im yet to plant the brambles,wheni do it will be all lavender and climbing roses and wild wild wild.Hearts ease and grannys bonnets i want them all.Two years ago my father dies on the first day of speing we said love made him wings and he flew away.
Love your writing

Lady Laurie said...

I didn't realize grapevine has protective powers, I would ususally have a seasonal one on our front door. I love simple lunches and dinners like this and then to be outside and enjoy in with the one you love makes it even better.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I love your tree lore! I always learn something new.

Gemma said...

Grapes and grape vines grow here in Az. They make beautiful wreaths.

Sweetpea said...

sounds like a lovely weekend, hmmm I can just taste the fruit salad! xxx

judie said...

Lunch on the first day of spring on your patio with Magnolias blooming sounds soooooo delicious and juicy...and what a wonderful lunch too. And your special honey to share it with. The fairies are truly watching over you.

Ruth said...

That's interesting that the swan is associated with the month of the vine - I was out in my back garden the other day and a swan flew overhead, heading northwards - I hardly saw it - just glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye before it vanished behind the trees - but I knew it by the wonderful wild beat of its great wings, and I thought it was strange, because swans only very rarely fly over my house.

Ruth said...

PS am I too late to get my name into the magic hat? Not sure if you are behind us or ahead of us timewise!

Laura Stamps said...

This reminds me of my morning glory vines. They must grow 6 inches a day and twist their slim vines around roses, azaleas, anything and everything they can reach. Truly amazing and just gorgeous!

Sending you many faery xoxox today!

Gina E. said...

You and Joe are so lucky to have such a beautiful part of Australia to ride around in! To end up in Berrima for lunch sounds perfect! I remember that town from 30 years ago when we went through the Blue Mountains. I haven't been pillion with Ken again yet, but he made me spend $170 on bike boots in preparation for riding down to the Island in October for the GP! Said he refused to take me if I wore sneakers!!

lila said...

Very glad you are posting the Celtic tree lore! It is fun and enlightning!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say hi !!!
That lunch sounds great and I would love to see the quilt you're going to make !!
Have a great day !!!

Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your post and the pictures are grand. Is your birthday in September by chance?
I know I was a healer of some sort in my past...I'm a nurse now so it makes sense.