"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 7 September 2007

for those of us who BELIEVE in faeries and an award winning poem!

when my daughter, Sophie was 11, she won a poetry award and her poem was published in a book of poetry by children... here is the poem. I love it and am lucky enough to have it laminated onto a book mark..

My garden it has many things,
like roses, daisies and also some thyme,
apple trees, plum trees and fruit on a vine,
making my garden look very fine.

Scattered around are birdhouses and signs,
they make my garden look so . . . nice.
Pots hang from the trees and
on stakes in the ground.
They all look great just hanging around.

Another thing or two
are some chooks and a cat, but
the very last thing I must tell you about
are the faeries that fly around in the sky!

So, that is my garden
and I think it's just right.

by Sophie B

I wandered around my garden the other day, taking photos, some of which I shared in my previous post. But this one below, I wanted to show by itself. It is of my iris that are blooming at the moment... take a peek and tell me what you see - up in the right hand corner, near the yellow iris...... don't tell me it is reflection of the sun please xo

"Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

not much happening here in Woodford today. I am feeling a little melancholy *again* but the dark of the moon is upon us and that is to be expected. It is raining and cold here so I am going to take the moment to light a fire and snuggle.. I have decided to go and see a grief therapist. I am not dealing well at all with the loss of Daisy and I need help. This is a big step for me to take as I am usually one who can deal with what life throws at me. But it is time to talk.
Today, I might even take myself to the faery shop in Katoomba. Yesterday I made a new altar for the faeries, in the little room off my verandah, as you walk in the back door, I strung faery lights on some willow branches and placed some crystals along with a little dish of water and I did a chant to invite the faeries into my home..... I want to buy a clay statue of a faery and some faery stones for the magick faery gift for Julie Marie...which I hope will be on its way early next week.

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Carmen said...

Friday? I am here on Thursday wishing for Friday, LOL
Lovely sincere post with a beautiful poem by your Sophie.
Hoping you feel better real soon and sending you lots of love.
I have a rock for you from my trip it is a kind of dark fucshia, It will be on the mail soon along with some other goodies ;-)

Julie Marie said...


Where to begin? What a lovely poem by Sophie B. Does she still love gardens and nature?

That is an orb I see by the iris. Although I can recognize orbs, I must study them more. There are several in my daughter's graduation photos when friend Teddy is in the pix. I have always thought that Teddy was more than a guy friend, so is it a sign? But she is happy with current boyfriend so don't know.

Re: My gift - please do not be extravagant. Anything with an Australian postmark will be great!
Wish we had a "faerie" store here.



Lee-ann said...

Robyn, I am glad you are seeking out help with the very sad loss of Daisy.

Could I just add what a special angel you now have beside you and I am sure she feels she has not left you but infact now has the power to watch your every happy moment (I know she wants for you much happiness). Within you she lives on and within you she still makes you smile so please know it is not a sad moment to leave this earth but infact joyful adventure.

Smiles to you Robyn.

Lee-ann said...

O! Robyn I am sorry I got so concerned for your about your hurt that I simply forgot to add what a beautiful poem your daughter has an artistic talent just like her mum!

Your garden photos are lovely do you have a new fence? and my gosh strawberries no way! truly? that is lovely.


kim said...

What a wonderful poem! Does she still write?

I am glad you are going to see a grief therapist. My Uncle did when his Great-Nephew was killed in Iraq two years ago. Eric was only 22.

I agree with Julie Marie, I wish we had a faerie store here. You have some very interesting sounding shops.

I'm hoping to find more of the like when we move to Austin. Their motto is "Keep Austin Weird"!

kim said...

OH, and I did see the orb/faerie!!!!!

Gemma said...

An orb in your garden.

AnnieElf said...

No doubt about it, Robyn. That is a wee fairy light.

Garden girl said...

I'm sure the faeries are out ther enjoying your garden as much as you are Robyn...yukky weather youre having though!!

Tinker said...

Sophie's poem is as lovely as your garden - which is beautiful, indeed. That certainly looks like a faerie orb to me.
Sending you ((hugs)) and love - hope your sadness lifts with the rising of the new moon, dear Robyn. XOXO

Laura Stamps said...

What a wonderful poem. And faeries in your garden, blessing you with their presence, so they would be captured in a photo just to remind you how special life is when you look at it simply. Much love to you and many faery xoxoxo!!!

Lady Laurie said...

Lovely poem by Sophie
I do see the faery orb ~ but of course you already knew you had faeries about!!
Sending you hugs dear Robyn, I know how grief just settles into your soul...

Leanne said...

Robyn, thats a lovely poem, you must be very proud of sophie.

that is an orb by the yellow Iris, how lovely for you to know that when you are low the spirits stay near. sending you a hig

Leanne x

Pixie said...

Thank you for visiting me, and I wish you could come to my party!
love your sight.
Don't know what's gone on for you, but hope you find a measure of peace soon.

Pixie said...
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Sweetpea said...

Sophie's poem is lovely. I think I am feeling similar at the moment I am having a dredful few days with grief at the moment. Sending many many hugs xxx
p.s I saw the fairy xx

Pixie said...

I've just done two things, one deleted my comment as I'd said it twice and it wasn't worth having it down twice.
And found your other comment.... I do hope you find a way through your sadness soon. And if you comment on my stuff I promise I don't not bother. I do it's important to care for others as they care for us.

Tracy said...

What a wondeful poem! Does Sophie still write poetry?

Moonroot said...

Love both the poem and the photo! Sorry that you are having a hard time with your grief, but it is good that you are seeking help. It is often hardest to ask for help at the times we most need it. Sending you blessings, and hoping that you soon feel better.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh the damn moon. Dark again. You are so smart Robyn...following the phases and such. I have been feeling it too. I called Mum last night, she told me, dark of the moon.
Wow, you two amaze me. How doth your cauldron bubble? LOL
Putting together a cheery package for you. It's hitting the post on Monday. No idea how long it will take to arrive. Watch for mail birdies.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh! And good for you for going to a grief therapist. This will help you, it must. Talking always helps.

A bird in the hand said...

Bravo Sophie! that's such a charming poem. The fae move so fast, we can only see an orb of light (yes I saw it -- it's very clear). Take care of yourself. xoxox

mrsnesbitt said...

A lovely poem Robyn.

So pleased you have made the decision to vist a grief specialist, just take one step at a time and know your friends will be with you every step of the way!

Lots of love,

judie said...

What a treasure to have that poem written by your daughter. Beautiful garden.

Gledwood said...

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all the best

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