"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 17 August 2007

*keeping the faeries happy & daisy chains

I remember reading once on Daisy's blog that she like to keep the faeries happy.

"as a child I dug little nests in the grass under the lilac trees, and left little scraps of fine material for them, such as chiffon or pieces of ribbon, I even remember leaving a small bright metal coloured thimble, also shells and pretty little stones. Now in the summer at the right times, I leave something sweet for them, as they are supposed to have notoriously sweet tongues. Marshmallows, a spoonful of honey in a little milk. I leave it on the end of the garden wall, where the hedge starts above the wall"

Daisy ~ This flower is drawing to all faeries, elves and nature spirits. Where it is found, nature spirits will also be found. It is one of the best flowers to work with to begin communication with the faerie kingdom, as its faeries have no fear of humans and are very open to contact. They stimulate great physical awareness of the presence of nature spirits. The daisy is a favorite flower of dryads (wood nymphs), and simply sitting among the flowers invites contact. Daisy faeries help awaken creativity and inner strength.

Remember making Daisy chains when we were little? I made mine from the flowers of clover. I would sit for hours making the chains, then I would hang them all around my cubby house.. pure childhood magick! I think I will make some this weekend! I can hang them around my sacred space... a gift for the faeries.

To bring joy back into your life, pick a bunch of daisies. Shorten the stems to approximately 3 inches in length. With your fingernail, cut a small slit halfway down the stem of one flower and insert the next flower into the hole. Repeat the process until you have a daisy chain. While you work, chant:

Daisy, happy little flower,
Lend your joy to me this hour.
Bring your mirth into this band
As I chain you with my hands.

When the chain is long enough to slip easily over your head, securely tie the first and last stems together. Place the chain around your neck and say:

Daisy chain, once flowers free,
Bring the wildest joy now unto me.
Bless me with gaiety and mirth
As I live upon the Earth.
And as you dry in heat and air
Take with you my worries and cares.

Wear the chain for the rest of the day, then hang it up to dry.


Anonymous said...

Oh I do remember spending hours upon hours making clover flower chains. We didn't have daisies growing in our yard but we did have clover. Love Hugs and Blessings

Peggy said...

the daisy is my favorite flower! What wonderful things I have learnt about it from your post. I made the chains from clover flowers also. Thanks for the wonderful memories you stirred in my soul.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you and your mum are well...thanks for your childhood memories! I am looking for larimar!

Rowan said...

I didn't know that clover was used to make chains, I spent hours making daisy chains as a child though. They are such pretty flowers, always one of the very first to appear in the spring.

Bimbimbie said...

When I visited the garden center this afternoon I saw a little daisy plant on my way out ... wish I had bought it now .... next visit. Childhood visits to the park would mean collecting daisy, buttercup, and dandelion flowers for fairy flower necklace and bracelets *!*

Garden girl said...

used to spend wonderful summer school lunch times making daisy chains in the field where we had lunch!

Laura Stamps said...

Thanks for such a wonderful post. Being a Wiccan Faery Witch, I am surrounded by faeries all day long, and love it! Yes, they adore gifts. In my very pink bathroom I have a faucet in the tub that likes to drip for no reason and then stop a few minutes later. So every day I ask the water faeries to keep it from doing that, and they do. Because they are so wonderful, I buy them bunches of pink carnations, my gift to them. And always keep these pretty flowers in a vase in my bathroom just for the faeries in there.

I also pick up pretty stones in my yard and lay them in my windows for the faeries in my house. The list of pretty gifts you can give to faeries is endless. And giving these gifts is such fun, because the Fey are so wonderful in our lives!

Sending you many faery hugs and kisses today, Robyn!

Julie Marie said...

We never made daisy chains - we just ripped the poor daisies apart: "He loves me, He loves me not." P.S. Did you know a daisy has an uneven number of petals so it will always comes out "He loves me" ?

We did make holllyhock dollies.


peppylady said...

I don't recalling making flower chain. But I do recall making chain out of clover.
I remember picking dandelions when they go to seed and blow the seeds around.

Gemma said...

Oh Robyn...what a great post....Hmmm I am thinking of something I can do to make the fairies happy.....since it is so hot outside...perhaps some pure cold water and maybe some grapes.

Naturegirl said...

Robyn I loved reading this post about the daisy! Flower chains!!!
I am always making flower chains in my garden with lavender..Queen Annes' Lace...practically any flower with long stems..wild flowers are perfect too! One we are kindred spiritsfor sure..
You did not enter my ~worry doll~ giveaway when you stopped by.I'd love for your name to be included!hugs NG

Laura Stamps said...

Hi, Robyn!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You might want to check back there today. You and Bohemian Mom had asked about what a Christian Witch is, so I posted an explanation to that in the comments section, since I have several Christian Witch friends.

Sending many faery hugs your way today!! xoxoxoxoxo

kim said...

Just checking in. Hope all is going well with your Mum!

Julie Marie said...

Hi, Robyn!

Check my blog. I just wrote a post about making hollyhock dollies.


Rachel said...

Hi Robyn!
It's a while since I dropped by, and after three attempts eventually made the link to the blog you're using at the moment.
You have a delightful style, so creative,interesting, and rewarding to those who venture to read your thoughts. Lovely!!
PS I'm a Wednesday's child too!

brownie said...

It seems some folks get to meet the "good" fearies (though all of them should be dealt with carefully and respectfully), others of us are not so lucky. I surprised a not-so-friendly fearie in the middle of the night once, and since then, things in my life have taken a definite turn for the --how shall I put it-- more challenging path.

So maybe leaving a gift for this offended being might not be such a bad idea.

Then again, maybe I just imagined the whole thing. After all, the workings of human minds remain quite mysterious, in and of themselves.