"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

just what is it about Lavender?

even if one has never done any formal study about herbs,... one, has some kind of affinity with lavender.
lavender touches something deep in most woman's souls... maybe it is a past life recollection of gathering lavender to make herbal ointments, or past life memories of gathering bunches to hang to dry so that it may be used to strew on the floor of the sick room.. or maybe it is a more recent memory.. one of grandma... whatever it is, lavender is THAT plant. I love it and I always have, even before I started to do my 'unrecognized' study of herbs (I call it unrecognized, because I don't go to college.. I do research myself and most of my knowledge comes from within, which of course we know, is not recognized by the 'powers that be') as usual I digress....when I was little, I loved to smell deep in my nan's neck.. the waft of lavender, I loved to open her drawers and inhale the perfume of lavender bags that we tucked among the neatly folded clothes, I loved the little vintage bottle that sat on her glass tray on top of her dressing table.. I loved the sprig of lavender that was hastily put into a jam jar of water beside her sink... I loved to walk through her garden, grabbing the bush as I walked past.. then smelling my hands... I just knew lavender was special.


I have lots of lavender in my garden... I love to have tiny bunches of it in vintage jars, I love to put some on top of my winter fire, so that as it dries, the lavender wafts through my home.. now I am wanting to buy myself some lavender perfume, so that I can smell like my grandma...dabbing it behind my ears just like she did.

my own lavender is ready to harvest and as soon as the rain stops and it dries out.. I will harvest it and make some bunches to hang in my home..
I was searching the net yesterday for a recipe for lavender floor polish and came across this delightful site
the JOYS of Lavender

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup lavender flowers
Small muslin bags with drawstrings

Mix ingredients in a blender or processor. Fill bags and put into bathtub while adding water.

so what am I doing in Inglewood today? Thursdays I like to give my dining and kitchen a good clean and I will do that but I am also going to move some more furniture around.. changing things... moving the cupboard that cost me $10 at an auction, the one that was named 'crappy' on the auctioneers sheet, the one that everyone loves and oohs and ahhs over when they see it.. the one covered in paint from some long forgotten grandpas shed, the one with 'spare' glass handles found when someone was making it out of make do materials... I am moving it into my dining room from my foyer and putting my vintage french plates on top, then into the foyer will go a grandmothers chair, a table, my statue of Buddha and many tea lights.. welcoming visitors to my home.. and then? well, I might just brave the cold rainy day and go pick myself a bunch of lavender anyway...


Lady Laurie said...

I love, love, love this post!
Lavender brings me sweet memories of my Mom for her clothing drawers always smelled of lavender. One of things I have now is her little lavender bags and soaps that kept everything smelling so sweet and clean.
Lavender is the first thing I reach for when I start to get a migraine.
How I wish I could pop in for a visit with you...
Thanks for the link too!

Gillian said...

Hello and long time no see! :)
I am popping in to say hello, and read your amazing post on one of my favourite flowers. I adore lavender.
I grow lots of it in my back garden, and put little bunches in little vases on the spa desk.
A little oil on cotton wool tucked in your pocket makes for some good aromatherapy throughout the day.
Hope you are well, tonights bath is dedicated to you! And the lavender.

Anonymous said...

I love lavender too and we have a few different varieties in the garden. I hadn't thought of putting on the fire to dry though. I shall do that today (it's freezing here).

Funny you should write about your 'crappy' cupboard. Yesterday I wrote about my 'crappy' desk that I adore. Beauty.... it really is only skin (or paint or varnish) deep.

Have a wonderful day Robyn.

Amy said...

I absolutely adore Lavender! In your last blog you gave me a lovely hint in which you said to put a little Lavender oil in with a final rinse wash with sheets and they smell lovely - it's true they do! :-)

Rapunzel said...

Lavender is my favorite as well! A few years ago I made a bunch of soap & bath salts, think I'm going to do that again for Yule gifts. I need to plant some more lavender in my little garden, miss going out there each morning and breathing in that

Anonymous said...

Ha! Robyn I like the idea of a good red in that vase - mind you with my inability to hold my liquor these days I hate to think the state I'd be in if I drank that much!

I studied astrology for a couple of years so it's always interesting to hear people's signs. I'm a Sag with a Virgo ascendent - the Sag quest for freedom battles the Virgo boundaries all the time - it's very confusing! Then there's the Cancer moon....don't get me started!

Sacred Suzie said...

I think I must be weird. Lavender makes me nauseous. It must be a memory thing. I must be the only woman who feels this way but it truly is Suzie repellent. Hopefully that doesn't have negative magical ramifications? Lavender is the only herb as far as I know to attract ghosts!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Ever read a cozy book by the fire with a yummy cup of tea,warm scones with melting butter and berry jam? This is what it feels like coming to Inglewood and spending time with your musings. Very comforting and welcoming.Love it and Love YOU! Thanks, Sr. K

willow said...

Have you heard the old tale of lavender being planted near the front door to keep away evil spirits? I love lavender...had some planted and it didn't do well...must plant more!

solsticedreamer said...

mmmmm lovely post! i have three lavender plants, one in a pot by my back door and one either side of my front door which i am going to have to pot up to take them to my new home.
last night i had a migraine and felt so much better by smelling a lavender 'stick'

Gemma said...

So far I have been unable to grow Lavender here in the desert...but just love the connection to my Grandmother that is in the scent of it! There is something else there too, like you mentioned...a past life recollection?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lavender is such a clean fragrance. And, it helps me sleep!

A bird in the hand said...

All I know about lavender is that I surrender to it. I don't know if it was because I grew up with it, or the associations ("Lavender and Old Lace") or the scent, but I love it. Whenever I get it fresh I tied it up and hang it in my bedroom. I make sachests with it. I throw a handful here and there... Once when I was in Spain, I took handfuls off the bushes and put them in all my pockets. some pockets still have lavender in them. In Ireland, I cut my sister-in-laws profusion of lavender and made wands for everyone.
Ah, lavender!

peppylady said...

I love lavender and I enjoyed your link.
I have allergy to commercial cleaners and been using Basic H now it seem to work great.
But last time I shampoo my carpet I use the chemical that came with the shampoo I rented and end up with major asthma and had to take steroids for a short time.
I need to shampoo my carpet and like the ideal of lavender.

Bimbimbie said...

I'll have to try putting some lavender sprigs on top of my warm fireplace *!*

linda may said...

Lavender. Lovely and old fashioned. My friends in Junee have a lavender farm.They harvest and distill it and also make cosmetic type things which they sell at stalls as far afield as Canberra.If you are in the area and go to any of those things where they have a stall, watch out for Shirley and Kelvin. Good people.

Ruth said...

Of course you are gaining your `unrecognised' wisdom in the time honoured way, just as Wise Women have always done. Who needs a certificate?

Pam said...

I have lavender in pots by my door, and use a lavender spray from Brayfield Park near Tailem Bend, as a linen spray. Delightful (and it doubles as a room refresher as well).We have two wonderful lavender farms here in South Australia,at Lyndoch and Tailem Bend.I think I am overdue for a visit - Lyndoch has over 90 varieties! My late grandmother favoured rose scents rather than lavender, so when I want to feel close to her I search out rose-scented candles, soaps and oils. A wonderful post Robyn, thank you!

Julie said...

I am one of the few persons in the world who can't tolerate lavender scent. But I do love to read about it and look at pictures of it. Even lavender in the garden is fine. But the concentrated oil of lavender gets to me. I think it could GIVE me a migraine.