"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Bon Dammes and a gift-a-away

I woke early this morning to a mist blanket. Deep mist that covered Woodford. Winters last hurrah, I thought. But the sun is starting to peek out through the mist and is promising another warm pre-spring day. The bees have started to buzz and the birds are starting their springtime antics.
This afternoon I have my artists way workshop - we are to take along something that represents our identity - I am taking the small white round stone that Daisy sent me - she found two on the beach in Cornwall and sent one to me so that we could have one each. I sure hope you don't get tired of hearing me speak of Daisy in my posts.. she was just such a big part of my life the past couple of years. I can't stop suddenly talking about her. The moon is in her waning phase now - so i settle down until the dark of the moon.... then off I go again. But it is getting easier now i can see a pattern and I am learning how to handle my emotions at these times...

Yesterday, I picked the faeries some flowers, placed them on my faery 'altar' and I asked the faeries for some guidance on where my life is going right now. I seem to be flitting from one belief to another, not settling - dabbling in one thing, then another..searching. Nothing new really. So I took myself off to a favourite hippy shop.. thinking of buying myself some little trinket.. while aimlessly looking at books, one fell off the shelf, dropping on my foot. SOUL Lessons and Soul Purpose - a channeled guide to why you are here by Sonia Choquette. Another self help book, just what i need. But I bought it. Not much more I could do, seeing it did drop from the shelf... maybe it is a sign from the faeries... funny thing is that the card i drew from my pack yesterday was 'watch for signs' - the faeries told me they would send me signs of coins, feathers and stones.. after I bought the book, I stepped outside to find a small coin at my feet....

according to my Goddess book, today is a summer holiday in the UK. Bon Dammes are devic goddesses in Brittany. They inspire playful, youthful outlooks to take with us into our day with childlike wonder in our hearts.
* Go outside and play with the Bon Dammes. Leave them gifts of sparkling stones & honey under any flower or tree that makes you smile. in return the Bon Dammes will make sure your day is filled with pleasurable surprises. Recapture the moment of your childhood today - play tag with the wind, blow dandelions for faery wishes come true, climb a tree, go for a swing, pick buttercups or whatever inspires youthfulness in your heart.

*and to celebrate this day I have a little gift-a-way - a package full of faery magick..just let me know if you are wanting to have a chance of some magick in your life & will put you into my magick hat - in one week, i will pull one name out and the birdies will be one their way to the winner with a gift held tightly in their beaks !

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Gill said...

Someone or something is definatly telling you something with both of those signs :-}

Hope you have a wonderfull sunny day

Take care XX

Sweetpea said...
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Sweetpea said...

I will NEVER tire of you talking of Daisy but I understand what you are saying. funny you should say recapture your childhood today at work me and a colleague were being silly and discussing school games we played there was much laughter everybody stared!
I hope you enjoy the workshop
p.s I would like to be in with the chance of some magic xx

kim said...

I never tire of you speaking of Daisy. Why would anyone? She is a part of YOU and anyone who wants to KNOW you needs to know all of you.

I think it was definately a sign and I don't think it is JUST another self help book.

Add my name to the hat. I could use some faerie magick!

altermyworld said...

You have a lot of magic around you Miss R. speak from your heart, no matter what that little inner voice is telling you, give NO mind to those that don't want to hear about Ms daisey, give sorrow words give her a voice through you. You and her were connected and that is something to be heard.
i want some magic LOL pweaaaaaaaseeeeeee we never did do our swap, what is wrong with us.

Julie Marie said...

Yes, Robyn, please add my name. I need some magic in my life right now. Today has been a depressing day.


Garden girl said...

Bon dammes - means the good ladies - so hopefully they will work their magic on everyone here! Have a lovely day out robyn..oh and Q - do we have morning glory flowers here in Aus? Nature girl has posted some on her blog!

Tracy said...

Speak away of dear Daisy, Robyn. I don't mind it one bit!

I'd love a touch of faery magick! :)

Rowan said...

I never tire of reading about Daisy - hope you enjoy your class. I'd love to hear more about it if you'd be willing to share.
The Gilbert Williams image is just beautiful, I found a site with lots more of his work and it is all lovely.

Laura Stamps said...

Hi, Robyn...what a wonderful post today! The faeries are surely clustering near you today. Yes, put my name in your faery hat for a faery magick package. What fun! Sending much love to you today and plenty of lovely pink faery dust....~*.~*.~*.~*.~*.!!!

Leanne said...

thats another lovely post Robyn. I love your faerie altar, and I think the faeries were with you today.

I could really do with some magick right now too, please include me

Leanne x

Gemma said...

Dearest Robyn,
Signs and symbols are always there...wish I knew more about them.... sending my love.

Naturegirl said...

Robin of course I would love some of your ~magick!~

I love the forget-me-nots that you placed near your fairies! When you find a coin at your feet this is a *symbol of the blessings* in your life!! I have a small wooden box where natureboy and I place all our symbols of our blessings we have stumbled upon!!

Daisy will be forever in your heart so remember her as often as you want.Her spirit comes by my secret
garden often! She loved the photos
I shared of this place.

Feathers that I find in the garden I like to think an angel stopped by and left me a little something! hugs NG

Alison said...

I have just popped by to say hello...I found your blog through Leanne at Somerset Seasons.
Add my name to the hat please...I could do with a little magic:-)
Take care,
Alison x

Gena said...

I really do believe in signs! how many times have I asked my Angels or the cosmos to send me a sign, only to have a white feather float down to my feet! its wonderful! lovely post Robyn, hope you are well.xx

Tinker said...

Sorry I'm so behind on everything - electricity's been spotty, and I'm glad to start catching up with everyone again.
What a lovely post, Robyn! Wishing you a day filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies, too! XOXO

mrsnesbitt said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm summer in UK?
Wettest summer since 1956...the year I was born! LOL!


AnnieElf said...

I could never tire of reading of your references to Daisy. You keep her alive in our hearts and truth be told, your talk of her is your way of going through your grief as well.

I did the Artist's Way years ago and got so much out of it. Going down unexpected paths now but I'm sure Julie Cameron would have quite a lot to say about that. I was alone on my journey. How lucky for you that you have a group you can meet with.


peppylady said...

It feel a little bit like fall here. I know by the calender here it is still summer.
It not so blasted hot here.

I recall when I was a wee one. I would ask daisy flowers question and I would pick off the petals til I got my answer.

Lady Laurie said...

I think blogging about Daisy is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as well as being a lovely tribute to Daisy.
Your faery altar is delightful ~