"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

coming into the Goddess age or : my croning ceremony continues ~

On January 1st, 1958, I will turn 50. I have reached what Daisy called 'the goddess age'

some of you have missed the post & have emailed me about it and I thought I would re-post it for those of you who may like to join...

On November 25 when the full moon is in Gemini, I am having a sacred ceremony to welcome me to the Goddess age, to take my place and journey with all the wise women who have gone before me. My friend is going to be celebrant and it will be held in my sacred space under my pine tree, where the faeries live. After the ceremony we will have a feast! And on Janary 1st, I am having a faery party with my friends and your little piece of nature will be taking pride of place.. and I hope you will don your faery wings as Daisy said she would.

As I have so many friends who have supported me and been with me through my past blogging life, I want them to be there too.. and they will - by sending me a small item from nature and some words of wisdom that touch their heart. If you have missed the post and would like to join.. I would be honoured and blessed to have you at my table..

so coming up to 50, I am going to plan a Croning Ceremony. I have been reading about it in a book I have - Sacred Ceremony by Steven Farmer ~ I hope you will all come and celebrate with me! if you want to be part of this 'coming of age' of mine then this is what YOU will have to do before November 1oth: post me some words of wisdom - they can be a poem, words of wisdom that mean something special or even your own thoughts, plus a crystal or stone that is indigenous to your part of the world (it can be a bought crystal or one you find on a walk.. or even a shell if you live near the beach)... (the reason I am asking this is, that I want a little bit of each friends' world on the altar at my celebratory circle. there will be a few other things that I may request but I will keep the request small so that you won't need to get a loan for the postage. I will also need your birth date. And you will need to choose a goddess name as these will be invoked at the ceremony. You will also have to purchase a candle and a few other bits n pieces along the way.... it will be a fun thing I hope - who knews where it might lead?

MY part of the bargain is to send YOU a package on your birthday next year. That way, I can make each little package specially for each person with a crystal that I believe will be the one for them after all that, if you are still interested let me know.
keep reading my croning blog ... there will be lots of little rituals for you to do,not compulsory of course!, there are little giveaways everynow and then and as it is growing like topsy, there is even a Goddess Creation blog and other stuff that I am discovering on this little sidetrack journey of mine
the Croning of miss*R


Anonymous said...

I get more excited about this everytime you post about it. Love Hugs and Blessings

Bimbimbie said...

...word's out it's going to be the event of the year 2007 and 2008 *!*

Tracy said...

Where do we post our words of wisdom for you, Robyn? Sounds fun!

Mich said...

Blessed be!

Mich said...

I have to ask you this ... do you go to spiritual church ... and if so, do you know Maureen Romanowski?

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Sounds like your going to make the most of turning 50 Robyn :)
Look forward to reading all about this. Mine....if you rememeber is two days after yours. I`m not so looking forward to it even if it is just a silly number. It`s an ugly yucky number LOL I know my 10 year younger brother is going to tease me at my birthday dinner :( I sent you my e-mail address :)


Gemma said...

There will be dancing in celebration for you !!!

Sweetpea said...

This is wonderful and special to you. I remember a few months ago my mum asking my advice on the best place to buy fairy wings, I wonder if this is why?? I can do so for her xx

peppylady said...

As I read blogs of human events I become a stronger person in so may ways to many to list.
I will post words of wisdom over at your croning blog.

Sheila said...

So many of us will attend in spirit Robyn, on your special day. I'm looking for things now that will be appropriate for the EVENT..!!